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The better supervisors are those that can learn from employees on what their jobs are vs those that assume they know what your job is.
The postal union will tell hard workers to stop working so hard you are making others look bad. Had one say that to me when I started working. If you are good worker, you get more work, bad worker the supervisor tend to ignore them because union protects their jobs. If union stopped protect that bad ones, it could shrink 10% personal and still get job done atleast in my unit.
Congress mandated USPS to break even on its cost but will not let upper management close the small post offices that are money losses.
Actually to get a career job with post off you had to take a test for certain skills. If you want a temp job with no benefits there is no test
Top is congress I would prefer revoke postal act that made then a quasi private business, just make them back to be full government agency and take away the monopoly on mail they have. Private business will take profitable parts and USPS will be do that parts others do not want with full tax payer support. You know like mailing a letter from Dallas Texas to Wayback Arkanas
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