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If Cruz comes out for same-sex "marriage," will you refuse to "marry" your b/f?
Mac - I LIKE the parts of the bill that provided increased spending for border security. I said so below in my response to Psydoc. What I don't like is the part that seems to offer streamlined amnesty for kids who don't deserve it. That's the part peelousy didn't like, because it didn't offer ENOUGH amnesty for her taste.
It offers streamlined amnesty to many of these kids that I don't happen to think they deserve. This bill was a rush to judgement. Better to wait until after the recess to see if we can do better. This bill didn't pissoff Nanny Peelousy enough for me, anyway.
Nanny objects to the fact that it increases border security.
And, as we both know, amnesty is treason.
Oh, and I don't "screech."
Here's a fairly good summary smitty posted. Note the differences between Division A and Division B:
Could be. There are some Democrat operatives posting here while posing as conservatives.
For people who think "Sharknado" is a dumb movie, you should see the "0bama Trainwreck" quadruple feature:
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