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What the hell happened to "merit?"
Try re-reading the article, zinnbitch the stupid, to see what the facts really are. Here's a hint: they're linked, moron. Then grow a set and come find me, like you said you would, gutless.
Say, Ann - it's not nice to tell the truth.
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An Open Letter to the False Church

CompCon Wrote: 10 hours ago (10:15 PM)
Satan's waiting on you, fatass.
Looks like the three-ring circus just added a fourth ring.
Obviously France is 16% moose limb terrorists.
A wind-up 0bama doll. How nice...
It's essentially a Patriot missile defense system.
Be proud, Americans. That's our system.
0bama's an 0utlaw. Nothing he does is legal, and he doesn't care.
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