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Looks like the three-ring circus just added a fourth ring.
Obviously France is 16% moose limb terrorists.
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Photobombed: Boehner's "Monkey in The Room"

CompCon Wrote: 22 hours ago (3:13 PM)
A wind-up 0bama doll. How nice...
It's essentially a Patriot missile defense system.
Be proud, Americans. That's our system.
0bama's an 0utlaw. Nothing he does is legal, and he doesn't care.
Yeah, this seems to raise First Amendment issues. I'm surprised they didn't highlight those.
Excellent. Some of the key phrases could be, "caring," "social welfare," "fairness," "evil rich," "increase taxes," and "racism." Tracking those should help us identify "subversives."
LOL You're stupid. LOLOLOLOL
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