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Gun nuts' mouths don't have safeties. Maybe someone should install some.
How did not turning out to vote for Romney work out for you?
The left hates the Constitution, but they hate the Second Amendment the most.
Good. I liked GW in a number of ways, but it's time for a true conservative to be President.
Wow, 8 million out of 320 million signed up, so that means "everyone' wanted it? How stupid can you get?
Oh, and the abnormal eunuch.
Abnormal eunuch spews some more: "When it comes to inane posting,you are no 1 [sic]" No, honey, no one else will EVER have that title as long as you're posting here.
Jimmuh Cahtuh, the previous low bar for foreign policy "achievement," said you must be a racist if you criticize 0bama.
He's obviously some sort of racist.
You'd like to be "with" any kind of real man, wouldn't you, honey?
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