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Schumer: "Democrats Must Embrace Government"

CompCon Wrote: 3 hours ago (11:13 PM)
The fact that history makes Schumer a liar is of absolutely no concern to him.
Politicians are an easy target.
Yes, please. Then we can reenact 2010 and 2014 in 2016. I love it.
I wish photographers who are planning to take a picture of Shrillary would remember to put a bag over her head first.
Yes, I hope they bring it on, and the sooner, the better, because once they're all gone, we can begin restoring our country to greatness.
No doubt Goober considers death panels to be one of the big pluses of husseincare.
Coffee, but even that's probably too tough of a job for him.
Goober is the gift that keeps on giving.
Regressives think that when the "revolution" comes, they're bound to win. What they don't realize is that we have most of the people who are well-armed, and we have an even higher percentage of people who actually know how to hit what they shoot at.
Excellent. She's tanking her chances for 2016 already, not that we didn't already know she'd do that.
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