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Maybe they should run this commercial some more.
Deutsch can take turns with Chrissy Tingles servicing their messiah.
The Democrats are the party of one EVIL person.
Democrats are concerned about getting their AIDS vaccines.
Dems are blaming the press for their losses last year. The LSM was insufficiently obsequious.
You can't do mental sit ups, let alone mental gymnastics. This illiterate screed proves it.
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Hostility to Tradition

CompCon Wrote: 14 hours ago (7:38 PM)
I know big words are tough for you, kammie the kweer, but you should at least look up "xenophobia" so you won't use the word incorrectly. It just reinforces our conclusion that you're a moron - not that you could change that anyway.
Cammie will join the real world when hell freezes over.
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My Mistakes About 2016 Presidential Race

CompCon Wrote: 14 hours ago (7:30 PM)
I wonder why you don't just disappear.
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Obama's Narcissistic Dissing of Israel

CompCon Wrote: 14 hours ago (7:26 PM)
Another anti-Semite shows up to spew.
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