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The tv rating continues to grow on MSNBC in the last few years while Fox continues to grow but at a slower rate.
There is no devil only men/women with satanic ideas. And if you are looking for a just missed him in the last presidentcy.
Ayers was a man who knew our government was sending young american lives to their doom and the war was unwinnable in the way our military leaders were fighting it. Ayers saved my life and a war I didn't believe in but went anyway.
What about the white trouble-makers? There are starving white Americans who use to have jobs and conservative pundits call them lazy and are condecending to people who struggle in an economy that is way down and the right wants draconian cuts to public service and social nets. Many many scared "American" people out there who believe their congressman was looking after their interest and wasn't. The Congress needs to remember that a portion of the unemployed are conservatives. The wealth of this nation has to be unpatriotic or unempathetic because they don't seem to care if this nation turns into a banana republic or worse a fascist state. They say greed knows no friend or political ideology.
I beg to differ! It was Bush's domestic and foreign policies that got Obama elected more than any other single issue. And McCain aka McSame was going to continue his polices. And the financial market and continuous rise in unemployment didn't help the GOP party at all.
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