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The majority of Republicans also disagree. It's funny though. The 25% of Republicans with your views are not in the majority. And you wonder why Bush had approval ratings of single digits, the Republican run congress gets nothing done, mccain-pain lost in a huge landslide, the tea party is the laughing stock of the media, and there are more registered republicans, but people still seem to vote overwhelmingly democratic. Hmm...sounds like you are doing something wrong. Maybe it's the ideologies? couldn't be that. It has to be president Obama. Might as well blame him for that too. You blame him for everything, it seems. Well, have fun losing in November...I haven't shared ideologies with this party since Barry Goldwater...
I disagree. So don't say all. You are lying.
Again...there's that bar on the right side of the might want to use it. I answered it already.
Reagan is dead...who are they offending? His ideologies. Homosexuality is not an ideology. It is a way of life and it is a sexual orientation. People that ridicule to the point of suicide are infringing on their right to life, liberty and happiness. People saying Reagan was a bad president are doing no such thing. That's called disagreeing. You, and most conservatives, are performing homophobia and bigotry. You, and most conservatives, are driving people to kill themselves because you torment homosexuals, just as you did to the blacks and the asians in WW2. Also, when I was young, I distinctly remember conservatives wearing ugly Clinton masks outside of the white house. So don't say this is a partisan issue.
That's a poor argument. And I think I saw it on FOX news...which would make sense. Please learn to think for yourself. Not use the ideas of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly. And Bloomberg is an amazing person. He has fought for everyone, and pleased everyone. If there is one person that is the perfect diplomat, he would be it. He listens to his citizens, passes laws when they have a public majority, and will advocate for what the public wants, even if it is against his beliefs, which ALL POLITICIANS WERE ELECTED TO DO. The NRA may be the oldest civil rights organization, but that doesn't make them correct. So sorry you can't cling to your guns and shoot anything you want in NYC...We value our lives here.
Which is their right to do. Last I checked, this country is a free country (aside from the PATRIOT Act, but let's not go there). So don't complain. You should move. Far away. This country will be a better place.
I am not a citizen of Washington state. Since you seem to know it all, why don't you tell me? Also, enlighten me on NJ as well. NJ already has civil unions. But civil unions exclude people from making a life or death decision, the ability to be on family healthcare, and dozens of other rights that marriage comes with.
Maybe bigots would stop assuming that homosexuality is disgusting with scientific research...but then again...did that stop the KKK? And for the record, some humans do that. Since you keep bringing it up, I'll assume you are one of them.
The NY mayor is a Republican. He won 3 elections as a Republican. He is incredibly accomplished and became that way through completely dominating the US capitalist system and markets. How, exactly, is he a fascist? Because he won't put guns into the hands of criminals? Because the majority of people in NYC are against gun ownership? Sorry, but elected officials are supposed to rule in the favor of what the citizens want...not what the NRA wants.
Married gay couples have the same exact rights as a married straight couple in the state of NY. I am not familiar with marriage laws in CA. They seem to be changing every year there...
"nor do they have common sense or any ability to resist their instincts" So it's instinct for homosexuals to act in that way, and they should be resisting it because you don't deem it "natural"? Case and point. Read the article, do some research, and maybe a study or two. Because you are contradicting yourself like hell.
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