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It's just safe to call you stupid. And I will call you stupid, dumb, retarded, etc. because you refuse to acknowledge facts. You just spew whatever you feel like, without any factual evidence. An intellect is open to debate. Conservatives, like you, are idiotic and only believe what you want.
You mean peace and tolerance of religions? Go to a local Mosque. Listen to what they have to say. Read the Qur'an. It's peaceful. Then go to a southern baptist church. Who are the most hateful? I can't stand people that won't keep their religious practices to themselves...
http://www.best-reviewers.com/how-much-money-does-michael-bloomberg-make-3236.htm#.T-ty3xdDx8E He wins the game of capitalism. He is educated, and you just can't wrap your mind around what 2+2 is. Nothing like southern education. First in flight? 48th in Education. Good job, SC. (not sure if that is the case...but it is still funny to me. Lord knows what Mississippi is...)
And you idiotic southerners are the REAL Americans. Hatred, bigotry, racism, clinging to your guns, abusing women, and having a man in charge of the household. Nothing like clinging to old beliefs. If that was the case, we would all still be using candle light. It was a progressive that said it was going to fund electricity. It was a progressive to understand humane things. It was a progressive that limited monopolies and greed in the 1910s. And it is progressives that will succeed in November and the rest of the years to come. So go on back to holding your rifle on your porch, hating on them A-Rabs. I'll be in my floating car by 2065 that runs on air, with a cure for my cancer, and a life expectancy of 150.
Because they are ok. You have a right to religious freedom in this country. And Islam is a religion that is based on peace. It is illegal to harm someone else, no matter what religion you are. And if you harm them, you will be arrested. You sound like a redneck. Are you clinging to your gun right now? I'm surprised you know how to type on a keyboard!
You're retarded. There's this thing called adoption. And, once again, do you have scientific proof? Conservatives seem to be incredibly lacking in the intellectual support. You just have stupid morons like you trying to appear like you know everything. What degree do you have? High School? Or did you drop out to marry your first cousin and tend the farm? And, if a hormonal imbalance is the case, then shouldn't judges be putting these crazy people in the loony bin? Last I checked, people are still going to jail and do not commit murder based on "chemical imbalances". You make no point. You say straw man arguments. Learn to debate. Because you really suck.
Goldwater ran against LBJ. He was a moron. I can't stand hearing about him, and I can't stand talking about him. He was a disgusting person that used war as a way to get his agenda pushed. You know...like Bush.
"No the scum: ie homosexuals offended this great country." Tell me how, and I will leave you alone. What are homosexuals doing to you personally? How is your life worse because homosexuals exist? You're dumb. And you are the scum of this earth. You are no better than Middle Eastern people resisting to give women rights because of their religion.
Bloomberg isn't shipping people to death camps. Stop comparing him to Hitler. And dumb and scummy? I think you're referring to the dirty south. New Yorkers are of the most elite and most educated people in the world. Real Americans do not condone owning guns so that they can shoot things with it. Real Americans do value life, but they do not value taking someone else's to "protect themselves". What happens when people get wrongfully shot because they reach into their pocket in a strange way, and you just so happen to shoot him because he looked suspicious. Well, as it turned out, he was just getting his cell phone. I'm sure you think there's nothing wrong with that. People like you disgust me.
The majority of Republicans also disagree. It's funny though. The 25% of Republicans with your views are not in the majority. And you wonder why Bush had approval ratings of single digits, the Republican run congress gets nothing done, mccain-pain lost in a huge landslide, the tea party is the laughing stock of the media, and there are more registered republicans, but people still seem to vote overwhelmingly democratic. Hmm...sounds like you are doing something wrong. Maybe it's the ideologies? Nah...it couldn't be that. It has to be president Obama. Might as well blame him for that too. You blame him for everything, it seems. Well, have fun losing in November...I haven't shared ideologies with this party since Barry Goldwater...
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