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The progressive feminist women is not so much about what is good for women, or society but what is good for the Stalinist left. They work for their uncle Joe, and they dream about being raped by Mandingo.
How about ? 8. They have babies for the check! I am a Southern white male and have many things in common with black people, much more common ground than with yankees. Your comments are not off point, but you are ignoring the huge Thug Problem that Black Americans are suffering through. You know the crime statistics are horribly stacked black, especially violence, rape, theft, home invasion, car jacking, and drugs. But drugs a large degree is victimless. If Drugs were not illegal, you could work at McDonalds and pay for the worst drug habit possible. Legalize drugs and much of the theft, including burglary, and armed violent robberies would disappear. You need to be aware that the lawyers who control the Democratic Party, ( along with city crime lords, and socialist/communists) benefit financially from the drug war. They are responsible for the huge rate of incarceration of Black Americans. Get a clue. You support the party of the DEVIL.
Spiritof67 Is an ex Weatherman.
How much does Soros pay you for your anti American Screech?
NRMLUNIT is a Russian Agent.
Peaceman is a Russian Agent.
The only principles Progressive's have are methods for gaining power. Their trained media Blackbirds opponents. They lie, or murder. Look at their record, read the Alinsky papers. Like the Muslims they are instructed to conceal their goals and obtain control by any means of lands and peoples.
Audie Murphy unfortunately negatively influenced our relationship with the German Army!
Of course it will work. The pressures and publicity will ease us towards socialism. The threat will result in wealthy political players giving bribes to congressmen, and senators for either easing off, or creating special exceptions. For the Democrat extortionists it is a no lose proposition. Extortion against the wealthy, or average people with insurance is the game they play as attorneys, and as politicians.
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Obama Uses IRS to Eliminate His Enemies

commoner2 Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 7:28 PM
Precisely why the Income Tax was forbidden by the US Constitution before the 16th Amendment.
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