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Is Rudy Right?

commoner2 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 10:48 PM
Obama likes US Commies, he likes US Muslims, he likes Al Sharpton, and Rosie ODonnell. He likes American Basketball, and American Football. He likes the Ayers family, and loves Chicago's own Saul Alinsky. He loves Chicago bath houses, and tall slim strangers. You may say Obama no like US, if you can handle the truth. The Truth is Obama not one of us, not like us, and does not like us.
Note that Muslems were leading slave traders throughout history. They are still engaged in trafficking in slaves.
Most progressives are narcissistic sociopaths. They are unable to experience loyalty to their culture, nor to their country, or state, or city,. They are not loyal to their family, or the system of family raised children. They are not even loyal to their species, as suggested by their vegetarian distain for the omnivorous nature of mankind. Bill Maher's tenuous humanity is so fractured that he would be better suited to living in an inpatient psychiatric facility, than on his own. He should be forgiven and ignored.
You have to admit, when Feinstein, or Obama get their instructions from their Marxist masters, they ask how high they should jump. Don't question their intelligence, or their patriotism. You can be sure that they are dim bulbs with little love for their country, or even their fellow Americans.
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Opinions Versus Facts

commoner2 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 12:49 AM
The Ferguson incident was seized by the Democrats and facts manipulated by their race hustlers, and Media Stooges in an attempt to get out the vote for the Senate Races. They failed to get out enough votes but succeeded in getting out the looters. The Democrat BankRollers should be required to pay the damages, and their Media Stooges should be charged as Accessories to all of the crimes committed.
A Republican congress should consider defunding these Anti-American Universities. These unamerican institutions should request aid from the UN, China, and the Soviet Union. Hollywood and the socialist media might also consider taxing themselves to fund the Ivy League, and its wannabes. As a gesture to modern branding they should be renamed according to their sponsors. For example Harvard could become Che America, Princeton might choose to become Stalin University.
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Goodell Has Got to Go

commoner2 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 11:47 PM
Ultimately President OBama is responsible and should apologize and resign.
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There Is A Good Case For Reparations

commoner2 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 2:33 PM
The Greek civilization was built on white slavery, so was the Roman. The Roman General Caesar made slaves out of an enormous number of Celtic people in what is now France, and Belgium, enslaving entire cities and tribal groups. The slaves were the lucky ones since he slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their fellow Gauls. Throughout history white communities made slaves of white people from other tribal groups. African blacks did the same and they continue to capture and hold slaves today. Black tribes were the source of the black slave trade into the Americas before English, and American Protestants declared war on slavery and stopped the shipments. The Muslem countries even today have white and black slaves. American Indian Tribes made slaves of Indians captured from other tribes. The Aztecs, and Mayan empires featured the enslavement of neighboring groups. You can thank the hundred of thousands of white people for dieing in the civil war to stop slavery in this country. You can thank the English Navy for preventing slave shipments to South America. You can thank Christian Americans for stopping slavery. And if you want to own a slave you can go to a Muslem country and buy one.
Rutgers should not be embarrassed by taking money from conservatives, Republicans, or the Koch brothers. Taxpayers in Jersey should be divided into PC acceptable, and unacceptable. Funding for Rutgers should be provided by Politically Correct acceptable donors. Since it is their goal to serve about 1/2 of the population, they do not require funding for both halves. Would suggest only liberal's be admitted as students.
You angry white men just don't get it. You should not have to pay a poll tax to vote. You should not have to own property. You should not have to read or understand the constitution. You should not have to read at all. The term one man one vote is an anachronism that only applies to Republicans. If Holder has his way you will have to run a gauntlet of Black Panthers to vote. Democrats have earned the right (by controlling the judiciary) to vote early and often.
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