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I'm not a conspiracy person. So I say complete incompetence.
I keep posting this stuff on facebbook. But no one seems to care. My post this morning. I know most of you probably think. There she goes again. But the law is going to effect everyone in this country. Your employers are going to have to pay double for your insurance coverage. Do you think you will not end up paying this ? Your employer is going to make you pay the deductible. As much as $12,000 annually for a family. This is why Obama gave business a 1 yr. extension before the 2014 elections. He's hoping you are too busy or disinterested to pay attention. Wake up guys the tsunami is coming.
Got my Chicago Tribune this morning. Front page headline. Sticker Shock Obamacare !!! This is Obama's home town paper. They have been very supportive of Obama. The article gives all the horror stories of Obamacare. But I find this very strange. Go to the Chicago Tribune website and this story is nowhere. Is it because the online readers tend to be younger and therefore more supportive of Obama ?
Yes ! Thank you.
And the only reason Obama is president is because Cook County democrats know how to steal elections. In his democrat primary for senate his opponents divorce records were illegally unsealed and given to the media. In the general his republican opponents divorce records were illegally unsealed and given to the media.
I probably didn't say that right. I was really asking who the other guy in the clip is ?
That's pretty funny. I'm in Chicago (Crook County) home of democrat gerrymandering.
I'm getting old. I can't remember who the other guy was predicting republican losses ?
I'm assuming they just woke up and realized Obama is not their friend. Hello ??? Obamacare ???
Remember when Nancy said you have to pass the bill to see what is in it ? Well here it is and too late for buyer beware.
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