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Some Free Advice for Mitt Romney and His Campaign

JaneM Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 10:14 AM
Rules for Radicals should be read by the Romney campaign and a copy kept near by. If it works for barry and the regime, it can work for Romney. We can all see the use of the rules right here on this site. Ridicule is a staple of the tactics. Lord knows there's enough to ridicule the left about. USE IT FOR GOD's SAKE!

With the debates starting Wednesday and the conventions in the rear-view mirror, campaign season is upon us. Those of you who live in a swing state are going to see more of President Obama and Mitt Romney on their televisions in the next month than they see in their mirrors during their morning shave. Oh, the joy you people are in for.

But if this campaign has shown us anything it’s that neither campaign seems to have anyone with any talent for much more than conveying boring facts to a disinterested public in their ads.

Well, that’s not entirely...