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I sure wish there were a "like" button. This is great. Don't forget, they wipe their butts with the left hand, that's the unclean one. Also, they relieve themselves in holes, dip the left hand in a can of filthy water hung on the wall.
Good Lord but I despise this man and he is my senator... This piece of feces is actually touting how he and prince andy are going to build a new stadium in the Buffalo area for the losing Bills ( I still love them). He's spouting how this move will draw business to the area. This crapolla from the mouths who schreeched " we don't want those radical conservatives that support the 2nd Amendment and are pro-life". I emailed this piece of garbage and asked him if they were going to only allow liberal money. What a joke my state is!!
Typical bs from the left. The closer we get to election time the more the limo/lear Hollywood types come out with this films. Showtime has been running, Nixon, W, Being Cheney over and over. Kind of reminds me of the scenes from 1984.
Awww, you sound upset that a network has the AUDACITY to actually report the news and not have their collective noses up barry's butt.
While strolling down Broad St in Philadelphia last spring we noticed quite a few bars with banners "EBT Fridays". It's no secret that EBT cards are sold. Guess the truth hurts. BTW, Sybil, your paid rants on Cruz just shows how really scared you people are.
My, my. Mentioning GOD and THIS...Good grief, the left must be shooting blood out of their eyes!!
Well, with all the continued focus on gays I just wonder where all the new gay recruits would come from. Don't the gays need "breeders"? This whole focus on wombs, vaginas, etc is getting real, real old. ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!! We have more important issues.
I see the paid trolls are at it again. Seems funny that they pick stories such as this to unleash their rhetoric. Sigh, guess the huffpo and soros need to get new material. You guys are funny and have made my day. Now, I'm off to a real job where I actually contribute. Try it.
Sigh, I see the trolls are out in force today. What that tells me is that this article must be hitting home. The feeble attempt to divert the conversation from the topic at hand is proof positive. So, with that being said, trolls, let's talk about your union thugs. We here in Western New York are just chock full of CSEA thugs. And who could forget barry's bff, trumpka, vowing to take those "Tea Party SOB's out!!". Yea, trolls typical liberal bs.
Whatever soros or the huffpo is paying this guy it's way too much. They need new material.
cashe, and if true, all those people were members of the Tea Party, right? You know this HOW?? Funny but I actually heard a 5 year old little girl say that obama looks like curious George. Guess she's a racist.
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