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I would say the clinton's had very, very close ties to China. Seems the dems are counting on us to forget those "contributions" ms clinton got from all those Chinese restaurants, etc in NY city during the 08 campaign. And correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there something about a Chinese fellow who had strong ties to the missus that somehow ended up naked on a train... If it's that bizarre and involves the clinton's it has to be true.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

JaneM Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 8:38 AM
Was there a hashtag to this plea??
Lois, why I do recall the same from the left, or has your collective mindset been cleansed of that fact?
Lois, but we do give handouts to Hamas. If you're going to post liberal talking points you have to expect a push back.
Have we ever been shown proof of no WMD's. BTW-how has that "good war", see Afghanistan working for us? What's the death toll there? Do we know. Lois, you are still an insufferable liberal old bitty.
Just a few thoughts. Number one, he was never vetted. He is a Fabian Socialist, he is a man child, empty suit and actually, not all that intelligent. He has no critical thinking skills that I have seen. He is cold, a snake. He was sold to the masses after 8 years of Bush bashing. BTW-that bashing continues today. Bush is in his head. He was sold to the masses as nothing more than-NOT BUSH. I give that last statement with a shout-out to Cupp from this months Town Hall magazine. Great article.
Friday?/Don't the muslims pray all day FRiday?
Isn't bieber's girlfriend or something?? I think she's around 12 years old.
And yet Jews in America will continue to vote democrat. WTF!!
I sure wish there were a "like" button. This is great. Don't forget, they wipe their butts with the left hand, that's the unclean one. Also, they relieve themselves in holes, dip the left hand in a can of filthy water hung on the wall.
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