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Three Cheers for Governor Bobby Jindal’s Plan to Abolish the Income Tax

CombatMissionary Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 1:35 PM
I'd say that makes them the most unjust, as you're paying rent to the state merely for breathing and otherwise owning your own land. Why should grandma have to pay rent every year on a house she and grandpa "paid off" thirty years ago? That's one of the worst abuses of the power to tax that I know of. And if you don't think it's rent, try not paying it. See how long you stay in your house. Most destructive? That's debatable. Unless property tax is insanely high, it's usually not a deterrent to business, and death taxes are never a consideration for a corporation, so property and death taxes don't have the power to retard economic growth the way income, corporate income and franchise taxes do.

Two months ago exactly, I appeared on TV to talk about the concept of eliminating the personal and corporate income tax in Louisiana.

Now Governor Jindal has unveiled a specific proposal.

The plan will eliminate two major tax types: personal income tax and corporate income and franchise tax. Eliminating income taxes in a revenue-neutral manner and improving sales tax administration will dramatically simplify Louisiana’s tax system and reduce administrative problems for families and small businesses. The effective start date of the program is January 1, 2014. …The plan will ensure revenue neutrality by…[b]roadening the state sales tax base and...

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