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Saying Goodbye to Cars?

CombatMissionary Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 5:51 PM
Cars today have a lot more tech, I agree with you on that. Older cars are much more intuitive. However, if you invest the time to learn it, you can work on newer cars to. It just takes the time and study. They're not as complicated as most people think they are. I've rebuilt a couple of them myself in my shed out back.

A shorter version of this column appeared first in the Wall Street Journal.

I recently said goodbye to car I had enjoyed and cherished for several years, repeating an experience familiar to most of my fellow baby-boomers. Bringing our twenty-year-old son into the garage the night before taking the vehicle back to the dealer at the expiration of the lease, I unsuccessfully invoked the bittersweet nature of the moment. “Take a good look,” I urged. “This is the last night he’s going to spend in this garage, the only home he’s ever known.”

My boy didn’t get it. “Sometimes you’re really...