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Larry, you've got guts and you're a class act. Hope the classmate beats his cancer, no matter what his views are.
A .308 caliber and a 7.62 mm are BALLPARK .30 caliber. The 7.62 is roughly .311 caliber.
I think it's ridiculous the way the government regulates what meds we can have in our pockets. I'm no fan of weed, but I'll say this: in the old West, opiates were legal, and not a problem. Why? Because we executed people who couldn't handle it. Turn into a mugger or a robber or a burglar to fund your habit, you got hanged. I'm all in favor of legalizing weed and getting rid of controlled substances laws IF we can execute those who can't use it responsibly within a year or two of getting a death sentence.
Are you aware of how easy it is to cast your own bullets? Not that hard.
We Americans LOVE to approach life as if every accident is avoidable, every mishap is preventable, and every evil is stoppable. Sadly, they're not. A certain percentage of people don't see other people as human beings. Tough luck. The best thing to do is give the rest of us the ability to defend ourselves. Or we could attack the root of the problem and start building up the nuclear family again. There's nothing like a stable, two-parent traditional family to assure that the kids grow up into stable people.
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Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone

CombatMissionary Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 3:56 PM
I heard God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn't rule the world. ;)
Santa brought each of my daughters a Daisy Pink Carbine for Christmas, and my sons a Daisy Buck. My kids are all younger than ten, and even the three-year-old now knows how to carry at Port Arms, operate the safety without looking at it, and how to attain a proper sight picture. They're all in MMA and will have from ten to fifteen years' experience at firearms and martial arts by the time they're 18. When they have kids, if they can't afford MMA training, my wife and I will pay for it, and I'll teach the grandkids firearms training as well (I've spent about a decade and a half in military and law enforcement). Self-defense is the most important part of a well-rounded education, for boys AND for girls.
I once heard that a liberal asked a Texas Ranger, "Why are you carrying a gun? Do you expect a gunfight today?" The Ranger replied, "If I EXPECTED to be in a gunfight, I'd be carrying a shotgun."
Not in public. And not with anyone else's wife.
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