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As if this over the hill hippie freaktoid has any room to talk. She could even raise her kid right. Just another POS, lib entertainer.
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CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job

Colt6 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 10:03 AM
Many thanks Michelle for bringing out SPLC's scurrilous behavior. They are nothing more than a group of Zionist miscreants, as well as pathological liars.
"Make some kind of legal Union with the same benefits as married couples but don't call it marriage," There are MANY straight people who have had a parent co-habitat with them for 30 years as well. A lot of these people, namely the younger one is usually taking care of the parent. Do they get any huss cut by the IRS? They sure don't, even though the parent/child is a blood relative. They have no right of survivorship other than a well written Will. Why should gays expect special consideration?
It is amazing these two broads think they have the 'right' to break the law, while in the same breath screaming for equal rights. In this case, they broke the law and should receive the same "equal" benefit of being arrested like anyone else who breaks the law. Same goes for the judge. He not only legislated from the bench, he violated his oath he took when he was sworn in. He also violated Canon Ethics. At the very least he should be sanctioned by the State Bar. Better yet, removed from the bench. Will anything happen to these lawbreakers? Nope! Activist judges and the G/L agenda folks have put themselves above the law. If held to the same laws and subsequent consequences, they scream bloody murder about being discriminated against.
Obamao was literally disbarred for perjury. Mooch was ordered by the courts to relinquish her license for her participation in a malpractice fraud case. Neither one can ever practice law in any state in the U.S. again. It was amazing how the 'cleaners' and puppet masters were able to hide this from the public. Money talked, BS walked which makes the heads of the IL State Bar hypocrites. Btw: Jarrett had her fingers in that cover up.
She never made that statement. 1. She is not iranian 2. She is not a Mussie. She is however, a communist. Not only via her own family, but also through her former father in law, Vernon Jarrett. Despite the fact Jarrett is not an Iranian Mussie, she is one of the most evil, most manipulative, dangerous scarey women in politics. She is one of Obamao's controllers. As an aside; she is the only aide to ever receive SS protection. She has 5-6 agents guarding her evil body day and night. And also, a government paid limo at her beck and call.
No Scott4672; What What the CAIR chairman said is not treason. Stating his opinion via freedom of speech does not constitute treason. The First Amendment applies even to that joker. Sad, but true.
About 3 years ago, I read the Obamas spend more in one year than the entire royal family combined. It is mind boggling how these interlopers get away with stiffing American taxpayers to the extent they do.
All this nonsense is STILL about money. Torcello is a puppet of the Al Gore propaganda machine. Some where there is always a payoff for these fools like Torcello. They aren't lying for free.
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Executive Overreach Blowback

Colt6 Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 8:51 AM
So not true.
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