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If all of these government "pensioners" were paying into and then receiving social security on retirement instead of 'union negotiated pensions" (including the 535 bought & paid for brainless dolts on capital hill) I would think that social security would be solvent and their retirement benefits would be from the same pool as those of us working/producing wealth in the private sector. Here in Colorado most state & school employes can choose between social security or PERA for their retirement. PERA pays the most generous of the two, most teachers I know retire at 50 then travel the world while we are still working in our 60's to pay their bills. Truly unsustainable. We can only use our imaginations to explain why aren't they as concerned with economic sustainability as they are with environmental sustainability?
First - we don't qualify for subsidies. And B - we don't want a hand-out (subsidy) from other hard-working people. On the other hand - We are not dependents of the government. And to summarize in full - WE LIKE OUR CURRENT PLAN!
It's NOT that complicated. 1) Got the cancelation letter. 2) Went to my state exchange. 3) Compared plans. 4) Plan most closely resembling our exisiting plan would now be $1471.00 / month. (Existing plan is $545/month.) 5) EZ PZ, but No thank you, won't be signing up for exchange plan.
"Those at the top of the subsidy ladder are obligated to spend no more than 9.5 percent of their income on premiums." For us, we are just slightly (couple thousand dollars) on the upper side of the "subsidy ladder" as it relates to our yearly income - so with a future policy through the Colorado exchange we would pay 37% of our monthly income for health insurance. NOT affordable, at all. Currently 17% of our monthly income goes to health insurance. We got the cancellation letter - looks like we're screwed by the government.
I am in Colorado. 147% increase for a comparable new plan on the CO exchange site vs our existing plan. We are "allowed" to keep our existing plan for another year before it will be unavailable due to the ACA. Snake-oil salesman in the oval office said our health insurance would become less expensive. Also said we could keep our plan if we liked it. Deceiver-in-chief ought to be tarred and feathered in the public square.
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