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Self-Interest 1, Dogma 0: Al Gore Is Out Of The Closet Again

Colonialgirl Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 3:10 PM
Perfectly obvious with all the wrong facts in his movie. The "ice shelf" breaking off was a special effeect in a studio and involved a piece of Styrofoam, need we say more about him. Of course though the liberal-progressives ARE estatic that he didn't sell to Glenn Beck and that he DID sell to the Islamic TV company for more propaganda.

Our former U.S. Vice President Al Gore just sold one of his business holdings and earned a bit profit – and he contradicted himself while doing it.

Gosh, I am shocked! Aren’t you?

The headlines tell us that Gore is being pummeled with criticism from his fellow liberal-progressives because he sold Current TV, a television network that he co-founded, to Al Jazeera, a television network based in Qatar. In the liberal-progressive worldview, this transaction is problematic on two accounts.

For one, Gore did business in an oil-producing country (Qatar), and for liberal-progressives, this is an un-forgivable sin. In their view,...