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More liberal BS and lies again.
more load of liberal bs from a poor education.
Most are uneducated and DON't want to be a Citizen of the USA; They want to take the Southwestern USA BACK for Mexico.
Your ancestors are rolling over in their graves over your stupidity.
Over paid compared to PRIVATE industry workers of the same period who get a lower pension and fewer benefits.
Another load of liberal BS and nonsense from a leftist idiot.
First word should be "THE"
From Wiki: "he American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a 501(c)(3) American organization composed of legislators, businesses and foundations which produces model legislation for state legislatures and says it promotes free-market and conservative ideas.[2][3][4] According to the organization's website, members share a common belief that "government closest to the people" is "fundamentally more effective, more just, and a better guarantor of freedom than the distant, bloated federal government in Washington, D.C."[1][5] "
The other thing is; The government worker is "allowed" to "bank" things like vacation and sick leave for years and then collects at a higher rate when they DO finally retire. Private sector workers generally face a "Use it or Lose it" rule and CANNOT save vacation time past one or two years Maximum. We NEED that for the government too. Also let's start paying the Congress by the time the spend working in Washington DC and not out vacationing on government paid trips around the world or at "Home" "Campaigning" for re-election.
People would Always trade for Gold/Silver, all though out history this has been true...
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