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OJ was acquitted because he was a wealthy, photogenic entertainment figure. Celebrities can buy whatever "justice" they like (and race had NOTHING to do w/the outcome).
According to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, these people could have been shot on sight, as they were foreign, non-uniformed combatants. But there was considerable military information in their heads regarding the terrorists groups to which they belonged. The problem is that w/the passage of years, that "inside info" is of limited use, but as any attempts to return them to their native countries would result in their immediate incarceration and execution, US laws (and various international treaties) prohibit their release. What is one to do w/stateless terrorists?
Why not secede? Perhaps because the last time we tried it, every city, town, and farm located within a sixty mile-wide path between Atlanta, Savannah, and Richmond was looted and burned to the ground, all the railways and bridges destroyed, and one of every ten white males trying to defend his home was killed! No Thanks!
Aha! Finally found someone who's been here longer! :-D My ancestor didn't arrive until the following year, just in time to become on of the 29 that survived "The Starving Time" (and was forced back by Ld. De le Ware). Ditto on deaths during the Rebellion of 1861, especially on Dad's side of the family - of the father and his four sons, only one person survived defending the Capital City. It's hard to turn your back on the Republic - Like General Lee's family, we provided officers to the Continental Army when we rebelled against the Crown, but followed our Sate when it seceded. Also like R. E. Lee, we pretty much lost everything during the "Reconstruction", and had to start over. After the 1880's we went back to supplying officers to the US Military, through the Spanish-American War, WW1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, and to this day. We've backed off a little (only three officers, all Navy), but seeing how slowly, but surely the US is turning into a Fascist dictatorship, it's getting more and more difficult to be optimistic about the outcome.
His father and his stepfather both, altho' from the age of about 15 on, he was educated by Marxist atheists.
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The Heretic at Heritage

ColonialBoy Wrote: May 14, 2013 3:42 PM
An interesting article (thanks for including the URL) but it (and your comment) suffer from a similar flaw - what makes you think those "interventions" actually had their intended effect? The school boards may have thought they were ending school segregation by busing white children to the slums, but all they really did was trigger the white flight to the suburbs, and further solidify segregation. "Head Start" was just another government program that essentially tried to help improve the children's mental abilities by replacing [ignorant] parents w/state workers (continuing the destruction of the black family unit), but actually resulted in DECREASING the children's intelligence. This said, I DO wonder about cultural influences - for example, ethnically, the pre-WW2 Germans were not all that different from other Europeans, but during the war, their military technology (jet aircraft, rockets, atomic weapons) became terrifyingly more advanced than anyone else's. If it weren't for the constant interferences of [the lunatic] Adolph Hitler, the German military would have easily defeated the British and Russians before the US even entered the war.
It means that mapfin has started their own personal boycott of anyone who supports the NYT's biased reporting by purchasing it's advertising. At last report, WaPo's revenue is down by 85%, Perhaps they hope the same thing will happen w/another "Progressive" publication.
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The Elite Media Hates You

ColonialBoy Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 9:19 AM
I'm curious - why do people persist in labelling these "Legacy" media mavens as "Elite"? They've thoroughly demonstrated that they are incapable of producing an unbiased accounting of events, their command of the English language is flawed, and all of their education has been at the various centres of Marxist Philosophy (such as Columbia U, Harvard, et. al.). I thought to be "Elite" meant you were very good at what you did.
Incurs? No - DEMONSTRATES, is better choice of words. I always liked what a famed theoretical physicist once said: Science helps us understand how God's creations work. In any case, the Bible DOESN'T say the Earth rotates around the Sun, nor does it claim that it is only 5,800 years old (that is just an incorrect interpretation some people have made from the generational info {showing they overlooked 2Pe 3:8}). Why you make the unsupported (and untrue) statement that "religion is contra to science" escapes me - especially in the bizarre world of sub-atomic physics, the deeper the scientists get, the more they report seeing a divine hand in all of this. (in my own case, it was delving into n-dimensional and quantum physics)
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