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So you would rather go back to when women and blacks couldn't vote? Or maybe not that far...when all the whites went running scared to the burbs and lived in cookie cutter homes to escape the inner city? Our nation has always had faults, but it is the people who are strong and stick with it to make it better that progress it. If you are sickened by it kill yourself or move out. Me I am not happy with it, but I will educate myself and do work in our community that matters. I will work with inner city people to empower them and do anything I can to help. No matter if I reach 1 or a million I will work to help, not just blab how I am sickened. Well I am sickened by your old generation who thinks it was better in "their day".
so...this proves we do not need assault weapons to protect ourselves. this OLD(with respect) used a pistol to protect us, not an assault rifle. keep shotguns, rifles and pistols legal; ban assault rifles! I need my pistol and mossberg when the revolution comes!
The president is partially right...we do have a healthcare problem. All the fat rednecks who think Paula Dean's recipe are recipes for a healthy lifestyle are contributing to our debt. The same fat rednecks who fry their twinkes and butter are bankrupting our healthcare system. I say deny them healthcare and leave them with their heart attacks. But other wise, we do need to cut a lot of spending.
GodsLaws...thanks for making the argument personal...but you do not know 1 thing about me or my family, so for arguments sake lets keep it rhetorical, making things personal can get you hurt tough guy. And BTW I have personal experience in this area, I had an ex that had an abortion about 4 or 5 years ago, it CRUSHED me. To this day I am still not over it, breaks my heart. Even with that experience I do not feel it is my job to police women and their body.
First of all I am right handed, so please do not call me "lefty". Who are you to tell anyone what to do with their body? I thought you "righties" were for less government? Nope you are bunch of hypocrites. You want the government not to tell you anything about your guns or this or that...but you want to impose our Christian religion on everyone, even though our constitution says freedom of religion or you want to impose YOUR personal beliefs on everyone and you want the government to enforce that!!! Hypocrites! How can you believe in less government as a fundamental belief of being a Republican, but yet you want to impose religious and personal beliefs on people! Riddle me this batman!
Who protects us from us? Why should I not fear someone rolling around with an AR-15 or SKS? How if I am carrying my 40 do I compete with some crazy with a ak-47? I can't!! And BTW this guy has a screw loose, who the F would listen to some guy who contemplates conspiracy theories all day? How about a law enforcement officer? Or ex-military? Loon
Well if they can't get BC then what do you expect? Plus who wants all these unwanted babies running around? Are YOU going to adopt them? Want to talk about welfare and spending? Whats more expensive the abortion or the welfare it takes to supports the single parents and unwanted kids? Do the math!!! You want to cut spending, allow the abortions!
There should be crisis training, but not weapons training. If my kids were going to a school with armed people, except police, I would pull them out. Wait for the first time one of these armed non-officers shoots a kid because he mistook him pulling out his hall pass for a gun. Mark my words.
What a load of junk. In Colorado you can only use the foodstamps card on food at the store. There are no longer coupon books to sell. This is propaganda at its best. On another note gas is down! Thanks to our awesome President! Thank you sir!
This guy makes a racist comment and no one says anything? Screw you man...I'm a "minority", I work hard everyday and go to school full time, have no kids and pay all my bills. You're just a loser at life that would rather make excuses than actually do something. Go get a sign and head to the downtown area of the nearest populated city to you and have this written on it. You can express your views all you want to those people you are referring to and we can see how tough you are then. Please don't have kids.
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