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Stop the Tea Party? But, but, but I thought the TP was dead. Not so much, huh, DWS? Moron.
No liberal will ever buy into this reasoning because it makes too much sense.
I find it appalling that his departure is characterized as an "escape." If he has the mental faculties to get to Normandy on his own, the gentleman shouldn't have "escape" from anywhere. Unless he has been diagnosed with severe dementia, which the article does not state, he should be free to move about as he chooses, not patronized as if he were a child.
This was a purely political move that will backfire on this administration. Instead of touchy feely high fives that one of ours came home, the military and the public are ticked. This one might just bring down the ridiculous house of cards that is the Obama administration.
Keep working, America, if you can find a job.
Try having a vigorous exchange of conservative ideas on a college campus. After a particularly mindless exercise in "white privilege" in one of my doctoral courses, I refused to apologize for the accident of being born white. The professor wrote on my paper that I was a narrow-minded bigot without knowing anything about me personally. In other courses, I had angry liberals scream in my face, cuss me out, or completely shut me out of the conversation. The only vigorous exchange of ideas on most college campuses are liberal ones.
I thought it already sucked way more than anyone ever thought possible!
I live in Cantor's district, and I can assure you, this guy doesn't have a snowball's chance. What a jerk.
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