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Biggest scam ever perpetrated. Anyone else would be prosecuted for cooking up a crooked scheme like this. Unbelievable.
And the MSM covers his statements in 3...2... Oh, never mind.
Further evidence that liberalism is a mental disease
Obama: Dear Everyone in the Country: I won.
What's the point? Dingy Harry's Senate will never try him, let alone find him guilty of anything.
What White House response? Obama doesn't watch the news from which he finds out about all of his scandals and such, remember?
In other words, liberalism is a mental disorder.
As with all such things, follow the money trail. It will lead you straight to Bill Gates and Pearson Education, both left wing.
Seriously, it's a joke. Get over yourself.
Any judge who doesn't throw out these charges is an idiot.
Note that our side has the extremely attractive Megyn Kelly, Katie Pavlich (and many other comely conservative sisters); their side has Patricia Ireland and Shrillary Cankles.
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