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Sabato has gotten too full of himself, and he's now trying to drive the narrative. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the ones we ordinary folks like because they're straight shooters who don't give a hoot about establishment types. Someone needs to tell Jeb and the talking heads.
I guess he didn't read Thomas Kuhn's "The Nature of Scientific Revolutions," one of the best books ever.
He must have needed more Mom jeans.
Good one. Needed a laugh. Thanks.
Love the picture at the beginning of the article. My question is always how a poor ex-boxer from Searchlight, NV came to live in the Ritz Carlton in Washington, DC on a public servant's salary. He loves to invoke the Koch Brothers, but we pretty much know how they made their money. How did Harry make his millions?
Most. Corrupt. Administration. Ever. Period.
Is there anyone in Congress who is easier to dislike than Harry Reid (ewwww, shudder)? I still want to know how he managed to go from being a poor ex-boxer from Searchlight, NV to living in the Ritz Carlton? We kind of know how the Koch Brothers made their millions, Harry. How did you make yours?
Please Don't Feed the Trolls! It only encourages them. Just flag them and ignore. Thank You, The Management
Did my senior thesis on FDR and the effects of his economic policies on the depression, and guess what, they prolonged the depression. Liberal policies do not encourage capital investment or economic expansion. Sorry, Liberals, but you can have either giant government or a robust economy, but you can't have both.
Someone tell Nancy Pelosi that we found out what was in it.
But I thought we were the ones who were going to go apoplectic over the bi-racial Cheerios commercial. Ah, the tolerant left...
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