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Yeah, my dissertation was a little over 200, including references and appendices.
Wow! Just wow!
Moochelle claims that we're seeing some success, but how is she defining success? When 1 million fewer kids are eating school lunches, the ones who are buying them are throwing half of them in the trash, and school districts are hemorrhaging red ink, where's the success?
Yes, John, but do you have any really strong opinions about why liberals suck at governing? Haha. This should be required reading for everybody.
It is ironic how truly intolerant the forces of ostensible tolerance and diversity are. Do these people hear themselves when they talk?
I fear it is not his party, but his race that is impeding impeachment. After all, Bill Clinton was impeached, and the Senate failed to act. The same thing would happen with Obama, but the race machine would crank up to unbearable decibels.
Godspeed, Meriam.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Kafka could not have written this better. Unbelievable!
There would be no need to "lose" or "destroy" such information if it did not contain incriminating evidence that the IRS scandal reaches the highest levels. Methinks they doth protest too much.
This is insane! Why is this entire administration not in jail?
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