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Any judge who doesn't throw out these charges is an idiot.
Note that our side has the extremely attractive Megyn Kelly, Katie Pavlich (and many other comely conservative sisters); their side has Patricia Ireland and Shrillary Cankles.
So, men don't ever pay for condoms, support children, or go to work ill? Bravo Sierra!
Nobody objected back in 1973 when "men in black robes" decided that abortion should be legal. As Carly Fiorina pointed out, Hobby Lobby employees had access to birth control through their health plans prior to the SC decision, and they still have access to 16 forms of birth control after the decision. If they can't avoid pregnancy, it's their own fault. Religious freedom is the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic. Anything that compromises that freedom is de facto unconstitutional. Women's reproductive choices should not come at the expense of someone else's religious beliefs. Ladies, if you want government and your employer to stay out of your uterus, then don't invite them to pay for what you decide to do with it,
This would be funny if it weren't true. It's just sad and tragic.
Not only attacking a group of women, but a group of nuns? Do liberals hear themselves when they talk?
Yeah, my dissertation was a little over 200, including references and appendices.
Wow! Just wow!
Moochelle claims that we're seeing some success, but how is she defining success? When 1 million fewer kids are eating school lunches, the ones who are buying them are throwing half of them in the trash, and school districts are hemorrhaging red ink, where's the success?
Yes, John, but do you have any really strong opinions about why liberals suck at governing? Haha. This should be required reading for everybody.
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