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Seem more like locusts to me.
When Nixon tried to do exactly the same thing that Obama has done, use the IRS to intimidate political enemies, he was impeached and hounded out of office by indignant Democrats blathering about the "rule of law" or something.
That, my dear, is one of those oft repeated lies that is told so often that people come to believe it is true, like the 6 million homeless that the author of that "statistic" admitted pulling from his nether regions because it sounded dramatic. If you can document the veracity of the 45,000 number, maybe you will have a point. We won't hold our breath while you do the necessary research.
You really don't understand basic econ, do you? That's what Gruber, Obama, et al were counting on, and they got their wish, didn't they?
Ask Gruber. He obviously knows how stupid the public is. /s
Had Dish at one time, but frankly, it sucked and we ditched it. Nuff said.
I'm surprised these people haven't yet eaten their young. Brutal.
Good Lord, he isn't even original.
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