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Do liberals ever actually listen to themselves talk when they open their pie holes?
Nobody's listening to his gums flap anymore. Blah, blah, blah...
Wow, just wow! Do liberals ever hear themselves when they open their cake holes?
He has done a superb job... of race-baiting, obfuscation, law breaking, and being an all-around cretin. So, yeah.
A steaming pile of excrement by any other name would smell... Well, you get it.
Heart me some Bobby Jindal. He tears apart the left's notion of "settled science," which is really an oxymoron. Read Thomas Kuhn and you will realize that science is not and should not ever be "settled." Jindal obviously understands and is not afraid to point out their hypocrisy on these issues. Go, Bobby!
The all purpose excuse for breaking the law. "I'm sorry, Officer, I know I shouldn't have been speeding, but I follow the law whenever I can." Genius! /s
But, but, but, but women's health, or something.
I am a proud Kroger shopper, but will no longer patronize Target, et al because they cave to every liberal nutcake group that says "boo" to them. Thanks, Kroger, for not giving into these morons.
DWS is a dope. What does that say about her constituents?
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