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So a 14-mile drive to an ankle specialist was too far? And over state lines??? Say it isn't so! Even in bad traffic, that would be maybe a half-hour drive, but her money to throw away to pay an out-of-network doctor closer to her home, I guess, though how the in-network office being across state lines is such a bad thing...it's not like she'd need a passport to go to CT.
Kurt Schlichter is a national treasure! Loved his responses!
Having just worked our first election in Virginia where photo ID was required, it worked out very well. We had close to 2,000 registered voters show up at our precinct, and only 2 people made any slightly derogatory noise towards those of us checking in voters: one gal got all huffy and rolled her eyes when we asked for a photo ID, but she promptly pulled out her driver's license without saying anything, and a gentleman, when I asked him for his photo ID, proclaimed, "this is because of the Republicans", but also pulled out his ID without any further fuss. I simply responded, "well, it seems to be good for protecting everyone's vote so that I don't have someone come in here with your water bill that he dug out of your trash, wanting to vote as you", referring to how we used to allow folks to vote if they had a utility bill to validate their identity. And our Election Officer trainer was great when she first broached this subject. She said, "you can have your own feelings about photo ID, but it doesn't change the fact that it's now the law in our county."
just need to put on your kilts and bonnets and take to the streets, demanding equality for all Scottish Americans!
ditto... or "I'm sorry you're offended by the truth..."
I hate to be so pessimistic, but having grown up on the South Side let's see how well it stays down now that the weather is warming up...this winter was so dang brutal there that NO ONE wanted to be out, including thugs with guns.
case in point: DC's Marion "mayor for life" Barry.
The state Democratic Party in Virginia is suing our county because our election officials are trying to clean up the voter rolls. I suspect they're only suing us because we're a purple county in a newly purple state.
so seeing images of mutilated fetus is "terrifying", but going thru the procedure isn't? Funny that this is coming from people who live in a society that has graphic violence on TV, and even worse violence depicted in horror movies. Maybe the only thing they're really terrified of is their guilt that comes with killing an innocent human being.
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

Colleen63 Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 1:22 PM
Well said! And don't get me started on the soft bigotry of low expectations out there: many school jurisdictions have altered, or are trying to alter, their requirements and standards so that Asians and Whites are held to one standard, but Blacks only have to meet a percentage of that standard to be considered "successful", and Hispanics, even less. Why would anyone ever think it's admissible to tell a black child he only needs to work 80% as hard for an A in a class as the white kid or Asian kid sitting next to him?
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