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I have no doubt he would do it if he could as he demonstrates his hatred for anyone that is proud to be called an American citizen! Look at how he has "helped" black Americans...greater unemployment, greater poverty, more failing schools, removal of the ability of charter schools whenever and wherever he can. The man's hatred for this country is not just suspected anymore.......it is a stench blowing across our land.
And the really funniest part of it all is that obolo/oblamo just does not get it as of yet. But I think it may be sinking in as he is starting to sulk and acting more angry the more he is asked about the outcome of the election. The remaining time he has in OUR White House is going to be very, very dangerous to OUR nation. He has plans for us all and I do not believe they are for the good of anyone. He will use the remaining time as payback for our rejection of him and his policies.
Could anyone please name ONE time obolo/oblamo, piglosi, harry the weasel reid or any other democrap leader compromised with the Republicans on anything over the past six years?????? We did not elect all these Republicans and boot the Marxists OUT just so we can compromise!! Payback can really be a B......(you fill in the blanks!)!!
I think we should have a nice big party to celebrate the day holder finally leaves. And the whole nation plus Israel should get together the day obolo/oblamo does!!
The only thing I think Hitlery is going to get is the boot in 2016!! And as for Ron Paul: he is another one not too terribly stable either! His son is not far behind him either. Iraq? That mess was caused by obolo/oblamo and looks like someone is going to have to clean it up (like the USA) eventually, or the whole region is going to go belly up to the radical muslim terrorists. Actually, it should be obolo/oblamo who should have to go over there....let him give a campaign/fund raising speech there for about his traditional two hours and watch all the terrorists drop dead from boredom..........problem solved!! And just think: they can even keep him!
Look at what I expect will happen over the next two years...as democraps distance themselves even more and more from obolo/oblamo, it will look like they all think he has cooties or something and will be even more toxic to them which will cause him to become even more mentally unstable than what he is now. And he certainly exhibited that with yesterday afternoon's press conference where he blamed everyone but himself for his shellacking! Then look at what this unstable person will do with that pen (never mind the phone, as he will NOT talk to anyone outside his inner circle of sycophants...unless it is Al Sharpton or someone equally as stupid as that!). He is going to push the limits of legality to the point that even democraps are going to have to stand up and take notice!! And I do not think he will go quietly into the night in 2016. Quite the contrary, I think he fully expects to stay exactly where he is. He will have to be removed by force with a very uncomfortable white jacket on that has his arms all tucked in tight and big men with big guns!!
They (democraps/libs/progressives/MARXISTS) really should change their brand name to the Chicken Littles...it is always doom and gloom for them no matter what! And to listen to these whiney bums, you would think they actually do believe the lies they have told themselves and everyone else for so very long now! I guess the saying about a lie is true after all...if you say it often enough and loud enough, even YOU will begin to believe it!! These people truly need a lot of psychiatric help as well as medications!
Amen to that!! Liberalism/progressiveism/Marxism............nothing but bullies.
Boy, howdy, did you hit the nail on the head with that one!! Sure wish we could literally do that!! Might just knock some sense into them...or maybe knock them out long enough to fix/repair the damage they have already done! Now doesn't a nice long coma sound like just they "vacation" they need from all the stress of trying to control each and every one of us peons?? Just think of how refreshed they will feel when they finally awaken.........say in 50 yrs or so!
Since when in our country do an elite select few get to choose who is and who is not their leader? And since when do members NOT get to voice dissent and if they do, they get punished? Sounds like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, China.
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