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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Colleen61 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 12:25 PM
Thank you! Well said about all these invented insults and word police tactics.
He is a lib. They have no shame. Everything is approved except Christian beliefs and the defense of the Constitution. They claim to be for "diversity" and "tolerance" but if any disagreement in their world views is aired, they attack personally and professionally anyone and everyone in disagreement. I am DONE with this crowd. I REFUSE to comply with their agenda to silence We The People.
I will expand that to say that NO Christian that claims to be Christian should support abortion.
Agreed. Do they work??
Someone did get fired for it, but it was just some little fall guy/gal and not the ones responsible for the trash that passes for MSNBC like Maddow, etc. If they were to fire all those who make nasty comments, the last one out the door would need to turn the lights off at that place. No wonder they have so few for an audience. Don't/won't watch them and will never vote for any dem or RINO.
It is no "apology" when they repeat the same garbage over and over again. Isn't this what we tell our kids?
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PETA Compares MLK Legacy to Animal Abuse

Colleen61 Wrote: Jan 21, 2014 11:43 AM
PETA, Greenpeace.............so far left they should have fallen off the face of the earth a long time ago. Prerequisite to belong to these two groups..........card carrying mentally ill.
ALWAYS someone else's fault isn't it? WHEN will he be responsible and/or accountable for what he and his minions have done or not done???
To some here, Christie is a crook and evil personified. Disclaimer: I do not like him and do not want him as president as I think he is essentially a RINO. Also to note: I am NOT from NJ...........FAR from it! But to your point about Jon Corzine?????? Not THAT guy IS a crook! Has he been prosecuted or even investigated? NOPE! The new democrat mantra when their deceit, corruption and incompetence is brought into the light of day::::: I didn't know..........I just heard about it............someone else did it.
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