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Jordan's 'Eye For an Eye' Response

Colleen61 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 4:34 PM
Here is the glaring difference between the Jordanian king and OUR "king"::::::the Jordanian king had two terrorist scum hung within 24 hrs after one of theirs was slaughtered by ISIS terrorist. Here is oblamo's reaction to one of OUR being slaughtered:::: he went golfing. Are we screwed or what??
No. As much as I detest Hitlery, this guy is actually nastier than she is.
Only in certain areas. See my earlier post!
According my older brother who lives in Florida, it all depends which area of Florida you live in, and what interstate you migrated on to move to Florida! If you came down from I 95, most settled on the Atlantic side and are from New York and the northeast. They are all escaping the onerous taxes and ideas of the liberal Yankees, yet they actually bring the same stupid liberal ideas with them and then vote for more of the same of which they left! Neil Bortz (sp?) said it best: if you came to Florida via I 95, you need to NOT vote for anything for a minimum of 10 yrs. Maybe then you could retrain the stupid out of them!
You want the perfect picture of slime, grease, putrid piece of human flesh still breathing??? Look at this man. What a wonderful democrap he obviously is.
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The Holder Clone

Colleen61 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 4:21 PM
It is the difference between the enemy you know and the one you do not....as yet. As much as I would like to see holder strung up by his toenails and replaced, it has to be someone who not only understands the laws and our Constitution, but also someone who actually revers it!!! Lynch is NONE of that.
I have no doubt he would do it if he could as he demonstrates his hatred for anyone that is proud to be called an American citizen! Look at how he has "helped" black Americans...greater unemployment, greater poverty, more failing schools, removal of the ability of charter schools whenever and wherever he can. The man's hatred for this country is not just suspected anymore.......it is a stench blowing across our land.
And the really funniest part of it all is that obolo/oblamo just does not get it as of yet. But I think it may be sinking in as he is starting to sulk and acting more angry the more he is asked about the outcome of the election. The remaining time he has in OUR White House is going to be very, very dangerous to OUR nation. He has plans for us all and I do not believe they are for the good of anyone. He will use the remaining time as payback for our rejection of him and his policies.
Could anyone please name ONE time obolo/oblamo, piglosi, harry the weasel reid or any other democrap leader compromised with the Republicans on anything over the past six years?????? We did not elect all these Republicans and boot the Marxists OUT just so we can compromise!! Payback can really be a B......(you fill in the blanks!)!!
I think we should have a nice big party to celebrate the day holder finally leaves. And the whole nation plus Israel should get together the day obolo/oblamo does!!
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