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Amen to that!! Liberalism/progressiveism/Marxism............nothing but bullies.
Boy, howdy, did you hit the nail on the head with that one!! Sure wish we could literally do that!! Might just knock some sense into them...or maybe knock them out long enough to fix/repair the damage they have already done! Now doesn't a nice long coma sound like just they "vacation" they need from all the stress of trying to control each and every one of us peons?? Just think of how refreshed they will feel when they finally awaken.........say in 50 yrs or so!
Since when in our country do an elite select few get to choose who is and who is not their leader? And since when do members NOT get to voice dissent and if they do, they get punished? Sounds like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, China.
This is just wrong. This is what democraps do. They do not like dissention in their ranks and run their party like the Marxists they are. Our Republican members have the same right to voice their concerns and dislike for the choice of speaker just like anyone else in our free society........or is it still free to speak your mind??
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Have You Heard About Hillary?

Colleen61 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 10:14 AM
Which is a quality the Founding Fathers thought was one of the first requirements for the job! The second requirement was that they had to love the country and be genuinely concerned for our future. And then they said that person had to be an American citizen by natural birth!! Honor and integrity are more a hindrance to the welfare crowd and therefore not encouraged in someone's political future.
That would be all muslim countries....and I agree that we should do exactly that! What we see here is the "religion of peace" thanking those who go to help them in their time of extreme need. Savages...evil savages.
Did you not read the article?? The cops have to use radar and video to document the offense. If you say you did not break the law, contest it. But quit whining about your skin color. The cop did not make that happen. Quit being a self imposed eternal victim.
What difference does a person's race make in this country?? We are all afforded the same and equal opportunities for the most part....the thing lacking is the will to go for it and the intelligence required. First and foremost, you have to get up off your backside to try and the courage to succeed. Think of people like Condi Rice, Ben Carson and many others who were born in poverty and at significant risk of staying in poverty...they had the desire, drive and intelligence to improve their lots in life.....and they succeeded. There are lots of other ethnic groups who do not try and achieve. It is not solely a black thing. If you are black and do not succeed at anything other than collecting a welfare check, you may have only yourself to blame. Quit being a self imposed victim for a change.
I wouldn't trust holder with anything anymore...........he is nothing more than a racist hack for oblamo.
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Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

Colleen61 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 11:58 AM
No. Moving more toward the elimination of anything Christian. His muslim roots are shining through
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