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THANK YOU NYPOST and TownHall for sharing Important Facts ...in your Monday article "Tough on tanning,easy on abortions".?Many of us are well aware of these facts, so great to see the article informing others.?I own 2 small Businesses in NYC and Volunteer with various preg centers and LIFE promoting organizations in the city.?Colleen E. Barry-Sleicher
Who is #PP ?Who is #MargaretSanger? "Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy" is a scholarly,yet readable analysis http://www.nrlc.org/archive/news/2005/NRL04/Sanger.html … … … … …
When you hear propaganda trying to rationalize Doctor Assisted Death PLEASE be Aware: “Once assisted suicide is legalized, it becomes impossible to contain. Once assisted suicide is legalized, it becomes impossible to protect the vulnerable and mentally ill. Once assisted suicide is legalized, it becomes, essentially, death on demand.” "Physician-assisted suicide involves a physician prescribing lethal drugs for a patient with the knowledge that the patient intends to use the drugs to commit suicide. Refusing a ventilator, or some other life sustaining machine or treatment is not assisted suicide and is legal. The intent of refusing medical treatment is not to end life, but to allow nature to take its course. With physician-assisted suicide the intent is to kill the patient." NRLC.org has some great information on "What we have learned from Oregon"
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A Miserable New York State Of Mind

Colleen130 Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 3:11 AM
Very Good Article Kathryn-so important right now. Cuomo will seriously damage New York Women's Health if he moves forward with RHA.
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