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.....or Hostess to feed on!!!
This is not the first of 'nanny, anti-parent legislation this senator has submitted. His website states he is from Taiwan. His legislation is more of what one would expect from Communist China. In short, his legislation is getting Lieunier and Lieunier with every submission!
HEY! HEY! Carney's entertaining!! Maybe not as entertaining as his predecessor and definitely not as entertaining as Baghdad Bob, but entertaining nonetheless!!! I love to watch him fumble'n'stumble when he's asked a legitimate question by an intelligent journalist and he obviously makes up the answer. Hurt your feelings Jay? TOUGH....go jump off the Key!!!
Soledad O'Brien still hasn't improved from the cub reporter stage where she started in San Francisco. Just a cute face on whatever station she's on....Someone please remind this reporter that GOVERNORS run the states...not the White House occupant!
Actually, Sheriff Thomas, YES YOU CAN HOLD UP TRAFFIC for a Border Patrol agent to reach you if required. YOU SIR are the top law enforcement official in your county and the Feds have no jurisdiction over how you run your operation! If your citizens complain on your job performance in upholding our Constitution, then shame on them! They will have to be the ones to make the phone calls to their congress and senate representatives on this issue. You also have the authority to deputize whomever you trust to back you up...STAND TALL and others WILL STAND WITH YOU!
These boats are very similar to our 31-foot PBRs that served under Task Force 116 in South Viet Nam (www.tf116.org) . One foot draft...4 inches at top speed of about 28 knots. These don't appear to have the twin .50s we had up front and single .50 aft, but the .60s are good enough in the hands of sailors who can handle them....plus you could carry more ammo. I proudly served on these for 22 months. "Seahorse 64" PBR 152, River Division 533 IV Corps, Republic of South Viet Nam 10/66-7/68
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DHS to Border Patrol: Run Away

Colfax Nitpicker Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 2:07 PM
The blood of these dead civilians and Border Patrol officers is on HER hands and conscience. I hope she will NEVER have a good night's sleep for the rest of her miserable life!
A MAJOR DISTRACTION FROM ALL OF THIS IS BADLY NEEDED! Time for Holder or Obama to call in Monica Lewinsky....or any of their staffers to get a hand in the situation!!!
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D-Day +68 Years/2 Days

Colfax Nitpicker Wrote: Jun 09, 2012 7:50 AM
Personally, I would not want Obama desecrating those grounds and spewing out some B.S. he didn't believe in. I've visited this area several times...as well as Flanders, Bastogne, Belleau Wood, Sainte Mere-Eglise and the small village where SGT York earned his Medal of Honor. The citizens of these villages and towns still Honor the Memory of those men who liberated them during both wars. The WWII veterans who return are treated like royalty...especially if their same generation peers from those countries are alive. The stories and memories have been passed on to the children of those who were children in 1944. They decorate the graves of our Fallen Warriors on Memorial Day, Armistice Day and the soldiers' anniversaries of their deaths.
MSNBC: We who LOVE OUR COUNTRY, do not expect you to understand so don't worry about it. We watch other networks anyway...or haven't you seen the ratings to understand that?
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