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This is insane. Our company's contracts have English speaking requirements. If certain employees cannot understand English, then written specifications, drawings, safety and performance documents are rendered meaningless. The EEOC can go stuff it.
Was separation of powers not taught at Harvard Law when Obama was a student?
Why does Obama think his executive orders solve anything?
There is no responsible social security reform that doesn't have a mechanism to eliminate the program altogether.
I can see how someone who voted for Obama - the second time, at least - wouldn't be proud to be an American.
VA medical centers, clinics and other health services facilities received advance appropriations and were not part of the shut down. Thus your answer is "nothing." Turning an argument back on someone is often practiced, but rarely meaningful, productive or informative. The issues regarding the government shutdown - or even who was holding whom hostage politically - is even a matter of debate. It took a real bipartisan effort for us to get into the mess we're in today. Perhaps we can start working together and hold our representatives in Washington - all of them - accountable. And the buck must begin stopping again at the President's desk. Democrats (not even one) will vote for the President's budget, if that gives a clue about the absolute leadership vacuum we have in the oval office.
And we can't get back one Marine who took a wrong turn?
After wasting a minute or so responding to your post, I realized that you are trying to make liberals look like idiots. You got me there, for a sec.
Why would anyone expect Obama to begin upholding the law now?
There are sales into the second week?
Why is it not OK for someone to keep views on social issues that are state matters to himself or herself?
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