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You'd think with so much crime it would be easy to bring the rate down, especially with all of the progressive gun control policies in place!
It will be downright shocking if reported as a lead story on the CBS Evening News.
Fifteen percent - never? I suppose this is the number who discovered they can keep their insurance and their doctor.
"Ready for Hillary" ... to do what? Swindle retirees out of their money? Get away with insider trading? Completely bungle her job as Secretary of State? What on earth has she done that someone would be proud to put on a resume for the job of President of the United States?
A Brannon primary victory would shake things up in North Carolina. Kay Hagan is so fixated on Thom Tillis that a Brannon win would disrupt her campaign.
Now this is downright unfair. In 1862, the budget didn't include Michelle Obama's vacations.
The guy who had his own presidential-lie seal before he was President? Our Selfie-in-Chief? No surprise here.
Anyone notice in the photo she looks like she's morphing into Nancy Pelosi?
The Ann Richards legacy, in black and white.
This must be the 52% who pay federal income taxes.
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