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Kentucky would do better to elect the Derby champion to the Senate than either of its choices this year.
The gun was never found. The ring leader, however, will be available in prison for life plus 25 (and his sidekicks for 30 and 20 years, respectively). It was a good reminder that there are still some good public servants in the justice system, at least on the local level.
I would like to see how Gowdy handles folks who ignore the Committee's subpoenas. Hope the Washington jails have a little room.
MSNBC has become part of the fundraising messaging machine. I hope all of the rich donors leftist donors are wasting their money trying to buy access to politicians who will go down in flames.
Oh, aren't we great, showing the world how open and tolerant we are - of everything except Christians, traditional morality, free speech on the radio and Israel's right to defend itself against rocket attacks.
After my son was chased down and killed by a gunman in Atlanta traffic, the Atlanta paper asked me if I was against guns. I told them that no, I wished my son had been armed and trained so that he would be alive today. Needless to say, they chose not to publish the interview.
Thank goodness he's now acting more like he has a brain.
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

coldfuse Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 1:14 PM
Unilateral amnesty should mean that Democrats unilaterally pay for housing, feeding, educating and, when necessary, incarcerating anyone who was previously in the United States illegally.
Is there anyone in charge of anything in Washington, D.C. who is an accomplished, skillful leader? From the President down, there is no evidence that there is.
They just don't get it, do they? Corporations relocate because taxes in the United States are ridiculous. So the solution the idiots come up with is to tax them for doing so. That corporations pass taxes on to consumers when possible is self-evident. Are we all not aware that gasoline taxes are added to the price at the pump, or that excise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes are buried in the retail price? Why would income taxes be any different? Reducing corporate taxes - to zero, if it were politically permissible - is where we are best off.
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