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If this can be proved false, of course, then it would appear you have fraudulently manufactured your own statistic to support your skewed beliefs - which would make you a liberal!
Hey, I'm finally getting it. Leftists journalists can be Machiavellian, as they obviously have the moral high ground.
Well, now, we certainly don't want the "i" word in there.
Neither of them can fill up much more than a Cadillac south of Fredericksburg.
Georgetown, where Sandra Fluke attended law school? These times, they are a changin'.
I thought the left has been trying to convince us that corporations don't have free speech rights - until, apparently, a left wing outfit needs them!
What was wrong is right. What was right is wrong. The Obama legacy.
The hummus was worth more than her speech.
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Who Wants to be Defense Secretary?

coldfuse Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 9:30 PM
The black lesbian community would go absolutely nuts.
So the President wants to avoids something we already have? Either he is deceiving, or completely out to lunch.
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