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How can my state apply to become a territory?
Women have controlled more than 50% of the personal wealth in the United States for many years. How much more equal do they want to become? I'd hate to see them as dependent on their spouses for good judgment as I am.
Every junkie in any major city in America knows that the drug trade flows principally through minorities. Unfortunately I am aware of this as a result of personal tragedy. Is it now racist in America to tell the truth? That ATF needs to be dismantled is another matter entirely.
They have a point. It would shock most Americans if Obama were to suddenly act like a leader instead of a fundraiser.
I wonder how long Jewish Americans will continue to hold their noses and give money and votes to Democrats?
Hey, we could follow one incompetent President with Warren and not miss a beat.
Now there's a leftist solution! Of course it shouldn't; all the government needs from them is the check for having provided the clean water.
People who cannot prioritize and do not value something as inexpensive and important as clean water are beyond help. What do they pay for instead?
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The Turbulent Summer of 2014

coldfuse Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 8:25 AM
With poor leadership from the President, turbulence has become the norm.
Since when did "My birth control my decision" not come with "my cost" ? That insurance is used to pay for something used regularly stretches the concept of insurance completely. It is as if you used your car insurance to pay for gasoline and car washes.
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