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Are there still people left who can be duped into thinking that raising the minimum wage has one redeeming shred of value as public policy? It's nothing more than pandering for votes.
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A Terrible Polling Day For Democrats

coldfuse Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 12:15 AM
There's nothing about Charlie Crist that can't be overcome with a few hanging chads and some church buses popping into the polling places from Georgia.
Kerry responded that he wouldn’t “entertain a hypothetical,” saying, “If we're failing and failing miserably...." He's right, this is not hypothetical. This is the Obama administration.
Isn't Obama's presence in the same building with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence a security threat?
So the second highest ranking Democrat in the country says it and "The Vice President should have been more careful." I wonder what the feigned collective national media outrage would have been if a Republican Clerk of Court somewhere had said the very same thing?
What else would a big government Nazi dream about owning?
Clearly, the statement was made with a borrowed jacket in the grill at the clubhouse.
Was there some question that Obama would NOT condemn the beheading?
And some parents can't get their kids to brush their teeth without a hissy fit. This lady appears to represent the best of the best, in honor and duty. Thank God for Americans like her.
So now the "Islamic State of blah blah" is not Islamic? Now we know why the Democratic Party doesn't have to be democratic!
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