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There you go, fellas. Now THAT's really showing the country how to lead! Do it 50 more times and, why, you'll nearly have a whole year.
Have no fear; journalism will return to America once a conservative is elected President.
As far as I can tell, Obama is still a socialist apologizing for America. He hasn't recovered one bit. As for the economy? Yeah, five and a half years after the stimulus came and went with a whiimper, things are getting a little better. Perhaps the lesson to government should be, "don't meddle."
January's Site Selection magazine included the results of yet another survey on business climate. All of top ten states - led by Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas - are decidedly red. The citizens of states like Illinois know why, even if their politicians and union thugs do not.
She is such a quaint, regressive step backwards to the 1800s Marxist movement.
So let me get this straight. Time Magazine tracked down Scott Walker's high school science teacher regarding a specific, debatable science question, yet none of the mainstream media appear to be willing or capable of vetting Obama's academic record? 'Nuff said.
The second highest polling person among Democrats is an avowed socialist. Now doesn't that speak volumes?
This is the first time Ginsburg and I agree: Obama is best heard inebriated.
The libertarian conservatives really won't give a darn. Neither will the bisexual conservatives; there are bisexuals who believe in fiscal responsibility and the Constitution!
Did he learn it from his interview with Bill O'Reilly? It really shows "the folks" he is a populist instead of the guy hellbent on transforming America.
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