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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

coldfuse Wrote: 21 hours ago (10:27 PM)
So The Mooch is after all parts of the First Amendment. Next thing you know she'll be telling our kids what to eat for lunch.
Wow, he must be shaking in his boots. I wonder if they'll give him the same fines and prison time as the other lying scoundrels in the administration who have testified before Congress?
Steve Kroft may as well be Obama's alternate Press Secretary.
"Vote for us because we support legalizing drugs!" Has the United States really come to this? Really?
Islam is a religion of pieces - a head here, a hand there, a foot over there, depending on the nature of your infidelity.
Dafuque. Seriously? And some people think this is OK?
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Poll: Baker: 40; Coakley: 38

coldfuse Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 3:47 PM
Liberal voters are waking up. Democrats have failed to be the party of peace, with their Presidents getting us into both world wars and Vietnam, They have failed to be the party of social justice, turning poor but once proud working neighborhoods into cesspools of drugs and unemployment, a $15 trillion experiment with taxpayer money. And they have certainly failed to be the party of individual liberty, preferring an ominous government instead. America does not want to become Detroit.
Why is it holier-than-thou to speak for a child who is about to be slaughtered? Apparently, given the choice, some folks believe it best to kill the child (somehow because at that phase of its life they can call it a fetus). By the way, my own child was murdered at age 23, in a cesspool of a neighborhood that "The Great Society" created. He was certainly far from perfect, and was drug addicted. I cannot imagine having made a decision to terminate his life myself, which is precisely what you are condoning, simply at a different age.
So 75% believe she would be doing about the same or worse?
Shocking! I wonder if they will report to their parole officers?
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