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Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran....... Sound familiar?
Ummmm, what planet are you on? It's the GOP that has us standing in 7/10hr lines to vote. Not Dems. Come out of your slumber Sleeping Beauty, it's your GOP throwing up the Straw Man Vote Fraud mantra. And the reason so many people have decided to vote early. We see the attempt to discourage Dem leaning voters from going to the polls. Are you blind or? What is it? "You People' sounds so inclusive, it's the KKK version of "politically correct" when they refer to those of which they hold contempt. In your case any thinking person who would vote against Rmoney.
At least GOP has Nixon Bushjr. and 9/11 to run on.
Damn, are the Midnight "boy tours" happening again at the White House? Reagan/Bushsr. see Wash post/NY Times. Oh, and he's half white, mr. simpleton jr. Oooops! Nothin' Freer in the So. then White man/Black women just the children are scorned.
One Voting machine Co. is ALL it would take. Sorry, if thats a stretch for you to believe. So, far it's ok with you, right?
He who counts the votes controls the outcome! Plain and simple, that that doesn't bother you shows your partisanship is above Country! Rmoney/BAIN OWN interests in the Vote machine co.'s FACT! Dishonest, you think?
When we find out where the WMD's are in IRAQ, then we can worry about Bengazi.
Hmmmm, and who is restricting the right to vote in this election? Who is behind 7/10hr. wait to vote? Who refuses to extend voting hours? Who is sending out voter info with the WRONG VOTE DATE? Damn, your mythology regarding " voter fraud" and Dems, well it don't pass the smell test! Remember the 'BROOKS BRO." revolution that stopped the vote counting in Fla. before the votes could be fully counted? Damn, Dems right?
I''ve read what you consider reports of of vote fraud here, and well, I'm waiting for the courts to decide/speak in each case. Your "Voter fraud" meme just doesn't hold up to scrutiny. You sound like Romeny telling me change is coming but, I'll have to wait to know what kind of change AFTER the ELECTION. Rmoney/BAIN OWN interest in the Voting Machine Companies and THAT is were the Monkey Business occurs. Remeber he who counts votes controls outcome. But, you don't care.
Please provide me some proof of this " voter fraud" you speak of. It aint there. Sadly, most cases have been GOP operatives. Not Dem's.
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