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Powerful New Ad: Silence

Col Bat Guano Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 11:58 AM
Just smile, say have a nice day, and keep walking. He's been here before and is not well. He's always quoting Tea Party friends who live in his closet or under his bed and bear a striking resemblance to a giant white rabbit.

Masterful work by the admakers at Americans for Prosperity:

The awkward and painful silence.  The faint sound of rain.  The knowing, concerned looks exchanged by the parents.  The dejection of the kids, who intuitively know something's wrong.  All punctuated with a clear message -- a very effective ad.  And to think: Even after yesterday's "positive" jobs report, this TV spot's 12.1 million statistic doesn't even incorprate the (nearly as many) under-employed Americans and people who...