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Sorry mate. I like the theme of this story but it's pretty much a hoax.
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Inside the Politics of Keystone

Col Bat Guano Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 3:24 PM
You gotta bet big to win big. If she had won this bet, I woulda been the first to acknowledge it was a gutsy call. Still is a gutsy call even though she lost the bet. I have to give her kudos even though I would likely disagree with everything she stands for.
"Are you that obtuse, Senator?" If only Guilfoyle had snapped back with that retort. I'm not expecting such fighting spirit from the GOP. They'd have the full support of the people looking for leadership in The DC, but I'll wager the GOP is STILL more concerned with the editorial page of the WaPo, the NYT, etc.
This is what happens with a weak president who's getting weaker by the day - he'll clutch at any straw, wag his tail to any bone, chase any ball that's thrown his way. The Chinese treat him like Shiite because they think he's a joke. He has to spin something - anything- as a victory.
Their skewering of Kaci Hickox was funnier
And drop f-bombs left and right as if that makes them "edgy" somehow.
"it will be a complete betrayal of the voters that just gave them their largest majority in history." Count on it!!! TH was popping the champagne yesterday over the GOP's "historic win." I wasn't. The GOP is the opposite wing on the same predatory bird (we're the prey), or pigs on the opposite side of the trough, fill in your own metaphor. I'm so disgusted with both parties anymore, I didn't see Tuesday as a victory for us but more likely just a list to starboard on the Black Pearl.
This story needed a table or something. I've read it twice now and still am not clear as to its point. Yes, I would agree the GOP kicked some a yesterday as a backhanded slap to Regime Zero versus it has a better platform that voters found attractive, but this article seems to have been written on the fly.
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Hold Your Nose and Vote

Col Bat Guano Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 10:46 AM
The problem with constant stinker candidates is after awhile you don't notice the smell anymore. Any dairy farmer can tell you that.
Guy, very well, point taken. But you'll excuse us if we hold our noses in the booth, especially with respect to Reason 2. We don't see much difference between the leftian Dems and the Establishment GOP. Pigs feeding from opposite sides of the trough.
Jeez. This sounds like an SNL skit. I wish it were. Instead this is foriegn relations reality with Zero and the Gang!
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