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Actually Guy, the term "costing taxpayers" is misleading. The occupant's gawd-awful policies haven't really cost that much at all. The average working stiff will hear that term, look at their check stubs, see their withholding hasn't gone up, shrug and hence brush that term off as right wing nuttiness. The occupant doesn't have to raise anyone's taxes while he has his slimly, filthy hands on the Treasury printing press. The fact he's flushing our currency down the toilet in doing so is a more complicated issue that the Lo-fos out there aren't paying attention to let alone understanding. A better term would be flushing our money, or diluting the dollar, something like that needing someone who's more clever with catch phrases than I. "Costing taxpayers" is a term having as much meaning anymore as "racist." It's been overused to the point of being rendered impotent.
I think Ferguson may have reached its last page. People that had their businesses burnt to the ground would be well advised to take their insurance pay outs and start anew elsewhere.
"Let’s hope this community can come together and turn the page on this very tumultuous and violent summer." A good start would be with the arrest and prosecution of Brown's step father who urged the rioters to "Burn this b_______ down!" Of course that won't happen out of fear of starting another riot. If I were a law abiding resident of Ferguson, I'd cut my losses and move. A town destined for Detroit's fate.
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A Most Horrifying Anniversary

Col Bat Guano Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 4:55 PM
Chilling is a good description. I've been at meetings where disagreements would get loud and boisterous and sidebar drink and/or smoke breaks would form alliances of one sort or another. To see that same style of meeting strategy and tactics playing out for such a horrific subject was numbing. The typical humanist will claim that mankind has transcended such evil. Nonsense. Nazis thought themselves quite cultured and sophisticated, but had lost their souls. The Evil One's power of suggestion can be that stealthy and deceiving. Nazism was the ultimate Big Government and the shining example of why I don't trust ours.
"some of them involve sodomy, some of them involve things that violate every standard of decency which we have..." So David Brooks is saying homosexual behavior is indecent? That should go over well with his editor.
"While I know it isn't the responsibility of the United States to babysit the entire world." Christine, Bareack 0bama is the "Leader of the Free World." His presence at this rally was not negotiable if he intends to keep that title. Personally, I think he abdicated the role after Benghazi. The Euros might have told him to please stay home for all we know. Bibi Netanyahu has more leadership in his pinkie than 0bama has ever known. He and a good chunk of his cabinet were there. Please go play golf Barry. This event was for real leaders.
I remember the story of Gilani b-slapping some derelict asking him for money. A lot of people need that nowadaze.
And it'll likely get that bad again before the leftians are done.
Probably not fair (life isn't), but he should lose his leadership role in this situation. Regardless of what he might have actually said at the EURO conference, the fact he was even speaks of poor judgement. As Erickson asked, "How does one show up at a David Duke event and not know what it is?" Human beings make mistakes, that is certain. Scalise needs to explain himself, but unless he can produce a viable explanation other than "I don't recall," he should be removed from positions of authority unless the GOP wants to have the MSM and other leftians keep tugging on this boat anchor.
Not surprising. Atheists can't win many converts when all they specialize in is snark such as that billboard campaign and Neil deGrasse Tyson acting like a jerk on Christmas Day.
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