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Snort! Yeah right. Putin knows the west has no gonads, anymore! He'll take Rasmussen's words under advisement and then do as he pleases anyway.
Heh! The funniest moment in this clip was the brief shot of Beckel looking like someone kicked his dog: "I want just one nugget I can use to defend 0bama statements on Hamas. Nope, nope, not a bloody one I can use so guess I'll sit here and not say one damn word. Stupid incompetent jerk of an 0bama!!! Making it way to hard to have an opposing view!"
Not excuses so much as the GOP has their own cronies they need to pay back. The book "Extortion" opened my eyes to the lot of what goes on in The DC. Both parties are corrupt. The problem is not who's in charge of The DC, but rather The DC has gotten too dang big to be anything but the cesspool it is. What the Republic needs is "The Capital" being cut down to size. How that happens with these two parties, I'm not sure. The establishment GOP will cut off conservatives every chance they get because it threatens the trough all the current pigs are slopping from.
They are merely the opposite wing on the same predatory bird. I trust neither party to share my interests and concerns.
Leadership? From Boener? Don't hold your breath Dan!
Yep. Dem's chickens is coming home to roost for the Jacka$$ party. Have fun with all the corners you painted yourselves into, you clowns!
"I'm asking the President of the United States of America as the supreme power in this world, we have responsibility, he has a responsibility." He forgets he's talking about the guy who supported the Muslim Bro's overthrow of Mubarack in Eygpt. And how do the Eygptians feel about Hamas and President Golf a Course now?
I refer to him as lima delta, but whiskey delt is probably more descriptive of the terrorist attitude towards him.
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