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Guy, very well, point taken. But you'll excuse us if we hold our noses in the booth, especially with respect to Reason 2. We don't see much difference between the leftian Dems and the Establishment GOP. Pigs feeding from opposite sides of the trough.
Jeez. This sounds like an SNL skit. I wish it were. Instead this is foriegn relations reality with Zero and the Gang!
The best cold open SNL skit ever was Robert DeNiro as Craig Fensen, Homeland Security Spox, announcing the terrorist watch list. I'll stack his credibility over Jen Psaki or the transgendered Pajamaboy, Marie Harf, any day!
The funniest bit was the Al Sharpton parody. Keenan Thompson never fails to make me chuckle as the REV-er-rund Sharpton.
I came across Michael Crichton's "State of Fear" the other day. There are 3 forewords in the book of speeches he made before writing State of Fear. Crichton was highly critical of the lack of critical analysis in a media today that prefers speculation instead. Speculation does not require proof or evidence, just emotional delivery to get the attention that sells. Speculation breeds superficiality as can be seen in the 1 to 2-minute story on the nightly news, or the printed article that doesn't take longer to read than the average krrap. Charlie Crist is the political poster boy for such drivel.
Jeez. And it's an old alternative universe. Walker crushed the government unions years ago. Now that it's working for the better of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee "journalists" can only smoke a big one and fantasize about a world that could never exist. Move to Colorado Milwaukee!
I like how he tried pinning it on Maliki also. HELLO Mc0bama?? Anybody home?!?! ISIS started out in Syria. You know that country with the red line across it and stuff? He's starting to look like the guilty schoolboy he's been sounding like ever since he hid behind Candy Crowley's skirts in the debate with Romney over Benghazi.
"Obama blamed the intelligence community for underestimating ISIS during an interview on 60 Minutes." How would he know they underestimated ISIS? He wasn't there and likely not listening when he was there.
Katie, the following line is in error: "made it all the way into the Green Room of the White House and half-way up the stairs to the quarters of the first family" He didn't run up the stairs according the latest version of this event from the Secret Service.
"American troops, therefore, are losing faith in our commander-in-chief." Losing faith?? Did they ever have it? He's thrown them and so many others of his people under the bus why would they expect anything else from this poseur POTUS. I wouldn't lift a rifle for this pig so don't expect them to.
I like my solution better! This is what all this PC krap since 2001 has bought us! Muslims detest weakness and that's all we've shown them for the past decade and then some.
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