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Well, he's certainly the most anti-American President ever. As a corollary, I suppose that spills over to American women as well.
Overheard in dirty, poorly maintained living rooms in nearly every urban center in the country: "Gee, get a job, or sit on my backside drinking beer watching cartoons. Whatever should I do?!?!"
Cokie Roberts: "Thirty percent of Democrats are pro-life." Hmmm. How many of them believe in God? Seems a similar percentage since they didn't want His name in their platform.
So Al, what say you to Yglesias' opinion that religion should be stamped out?
Jeez, clueless lofo voters are liberals. Who knew?!?
Yes. Her hashtag ("You went full hashtag, man! Never go full hashtag!") says it's not her boss' business. So why is she demanding he come into her bed?
Pardon my intrusion Mike, but Yes. Your argument is a Strawman. The response is don't work there if you don't agree with that philosophy. Personally, I would disagree with such a corporate policy and work elsewhere as would a substantial majority of people reducing the adherents and willing employees to oddball minority status. That's what freedom of association gets us sometimes.
Yes. Never have louder "Oops!" been heard then on that day for sadly so many people. The most terrifying words there can ever be would be Jesus saying, "I never knew you. Be gone!"
You know, Lois sometimes I agree with things you say, but this is perhaps the stupidest, ill-conceived, ignorant, possibly drunken rant (feel free to fill in other adjectives) comment you've ever made.
Those that agree with that religious principle are free to work there and those that don't are free to seek work elsewhere. It's called freedom of association. Now I know high minded peoples such as yourself perhaps, think it's government's duty to stop such odd practices, but fortunately the Constitution forbids such overarching control. Well meaning men are easily corrupted into tyrants. The power available in The DC to such people makes that path pretty much irresistible.
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