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WaPo Columnist: To Make Krauthammer Happy, Obamas May Have to “Just Die”

CognitivevVoter Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 9:09 PM
Free hand? How would you expect any of what you describe given the likelihood of Republican control of at least one, if not both houses of Congress! The founding fathers created separation of powers to insure against just what you suggest. Have you no faith in our democratic republic?

It’s become commonplace that liberals will scream the GOP is a party full of hateful, divisive people then, in the same breath, proceed to spew hateful, divisive rhetoric. WaPo columnist Colby King provides the latest example of such hypocrisy. The exchange discussing Clinton’s speech on PBS’ Inside Washington between King and fellow panelist Charles Krauthammer went like this:

COLBY KING: I think one of (Bill) Clinton's lines really hit home. The amount of hate that the Republicans have for Barack Obama is just astounding. It's not just political differences, it's really raw, visceral hate. And you hear...