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I am grateful to live in a country where political opposition does not lead to jail, or worse. Today we saw again a peaceful inauguration of a President. It is becoming increasingly clear that the GOP is becoming a relic of the past. I am confident that even though the GOP will become increasingly radical in their attempt to regain power, they will always be allowed to make their case for their beliefs. God Bless America
Thank goodness I live in a free country where if I don't like what they serve in the school cafeteria I can send my children a lunch everyday. No need to complain. Just take personal responsibility. I don't hear anyone forcing children to buy a school lunch!
Free hand? How would you expect any of what you describe given the likelihood of Republican control of at least one, if not both houses of Congress! The founding fathers created separation of powers to insure against just what you suggest. Have you no faith in our democratic republic?
As a liberal leaning voter, I find it very disappointing to hear that so may conservatives are willing to give up on our awesome country! I continue to believe that the greatest strength of this country is our tolerance of opposing views on issues. I disagree with so many conservative positions, but am thankful to live in a country where opposing views can peacefully coexist. I never once considered giving up on this country when living through 8 years of the Bush administration even though I disagreed with so many things he did!
Any chance for civil conversation between patriotic Americans who have different views on how the country should be governed? When was the last time you sat down over a cup of coffee to listen to the perspectives of a person from another political party?
How very embarrassing that at the RNC former President Bush's name was not allowed to be mentioned. This country will be recovering for a generation from the mess he left.
Very well said. Couldn't agree more.
Please study the Constitution carefully. It is a document written by some of the most brilliant philosophers in history. I do not see how it can be stated that the document was based on the Bible. The founding fathers were very specific that our country would not be like England where church and state were basically one. Personally, I thank God I live in a country where I can be free of the dictates of of any particular religion.
The sadly divisive, negativity of this author is further evidence of a party that is slowly realizing it will soon be a relic of a world that no longer exists. Simply look at the attendees of the respective conventions. One reflects the past. The other what our country is becoming!
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