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Why Do Media Take "Abortion Rights" More Seriously than "Gun Rights"?

cognitivedissident Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 5:44 PM
Why do women have the right to murderer 1million children a year against the will of the father possibly unbeknown to him? The abortion advocates also fight against the 2nd amendment. A gun is the great equalizer. Clearly feminists and other liberal ilk want to make it impossible for a man to protect his family or himself. Couple that with unjust divource court proceedings and unbalanced police Protocol for DV calls leaves very little reason for men too exist.

In press accounts of Paul Ryan’s selection, media regularly described him as “opposed to abortion rights”—not  as “pro-life” (as he describes himself) or even “anti-abortion.” This contrasts with common characterizations of those who favor limiting fire-arms ownership as “pro gun control” but never as “anti-Second Amendment Rights” or even “anti-gun rights.”

Why would the media characterize pro-life politicians as threats to “abortion rights” but never treat gun control advocates as threats to “gun rights”? The answer is that the media take “abortion rights” seriously but feel only contempt for the idea of “gun rights.” The irony is that “gun rights” really...