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"Why won't Obama just leave Ukraine alone?" Simple answer: The subject needs to be kept "alive" for its diversionary value. Keeps the ever-evolving, orchestrated collapse of America out of the headlines.
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We're Talking To the Wrong Iranians

CogitoErgoSum Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 9:36 AM
Ms. Chavez clearly knows nothing about the history of the Iran-U.S. relationship. Iran had a deal with the U.S. to build 20 nuclear power plants and paid France $1.8 for France to provide the enriched uranium. But with the overthrow of the Shah, that deal went out the window and France, owing to U.S. sanctions and pressure, reneged on the Iran agreement. Today, U.S. sanctions and the extortion of other countries to not do business with Iran prevents Iran from acquiring enriched uranium from others. Iran has no choice but to enrich their own uranium if they want to have nuclear power plants. Yes, a few sanctions have been lifted, but on the ones that prevent Iran from using world banks to pay for things food and medicines for its citizenry. The sanctions hurt the populace, not the leadership, and the populace, it is quite clear, digs-in and blames the U.S. for the hardships. The Iranian regime has been around for almost 40-years. It isn't going anywhere, and the folks outside of a few English speaking academics and elites in Tehran, strongly support the current regime in Iran. Ms. Chavez really should get her history and facts straight.
They are called masochists! They need professional help . . for which Obamacare won't pay.
I am shocked! Shocked! To think our First Couple might be fibbing about something! Shocked, I tell you!
I'm afraid the Jurassic media, the Obama cheer-leading toadys would never let the Republicans get by with complete silence on social issues. Just wait until the first debate - the moderator (always a progressive) will make the whole session about nothing other than social issues.
I think you will find that genuine libertarian ideology is not opposed to marriage between same sex individuals.
Yeah! Someone like Barack Obama!!
As usual, Ms. Burnett has it exactly backwards. It wasn't lack of regulation that caused the financial crisis . . . it was over-regulation, government policy that forced dramatic changes in mortgage loan qualifying parameters and government extortion of banks and investment brokers.
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Nelson Mandela Dead at 95

CogitoErgoSum Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 10:13 AM
Not to mention the out-of-control cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town - crime-ridden where no one, whites or blacks can securely walk the streets, even in daytime. Mandela's communist, "greater good," from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is an economic/social system with a history of failed attempts. But hey, a policy of retribution for real or exaggerated wrongs committed in the past when societal perspectives were quite different from today is okay - rather like what we have in the U.S. today, a revengeful government based on retribution and disdain for one's heritage.
Really, Mr. Goodman? You have to phrase this as a question instead as a flat-out, quite accurate statement? Certainly we wouldn't want to offend the current political regime or those progressives out there who are taking down the, or have taken down, the country. Welcome to AmeriKa, Mr. Goodman - your timidity is nauseating!
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