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What used to be settled in the parking lot is unfortunately now settled in court. I think that a lot of the submission to PC is based on fear of the potentially high cost of lawyering up.
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Facts and Factions

codgerelle Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 9:59 AM
This is exactly the strategy the Democrats are pursuing. They're pulling out all the stops, starting with the placement of "moles" in the grass-roots organizations that sprang up on the heels of the September 2009 march on the Capitol. Many of these organizations drew well-intentioned but politically naive people, who didn't realize what was happening. It's apparent that some of them still don't.
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The Entertainment President

codgerelle Wrote: Mar 13, 2014 10:54 AM
I saw the clip in its entirety, and the one thing that came across was that Obama is a complete bozo. If he was going for humor, he missed the boat. But what do I know?
"In what universe is this considered a winning strategy?" In the one where media outlets can be counted upon to wimp out at the sight of a lawyer. Given the number of laws/regulations on the books, anybody at any time can break/violate one without having the faintest notion of having done so, and prosecution has become a matter of whim. The legal system is now being used as a weapon of mass financial destruction.
From what I understand, the underground economy is humming along, with many of its beneficiaries also being recipients of taxpayer-funded largesse. Somehow, I doubt that the people administering the government handout programs look too closely at the number of people gaming the system.
I think that the moral bankruptcy had to precede the economic bankruptcy; otherwise, these people would never have come to power. Unless and until we do something about that moral bankruptcy--and it may be too late--we may as well resign ourselves to the economic consequences. I hate to be so pessimistic, but...
Mike--It will take a lot of young people with a lot of guts to pull this off. Thank you for all you're doing to demonstrate just how heinous abortion is, and to encourage people to join in this demonstration. My own essentially useless tactic has been to point out that it's a human being growing in there--it's not a chicken or a cockroach--; that it exhibits the properties of life, i.e. growth, development and cellular reproduction; and to state that it's a part of its mother's body is to say that we are all the same people as our mothers. Ergo, abortion destroys a separate human life. While I can understand and empathize with the fear and anguish that cause a woman to see her choice as not being between good and bad, but only between bad and worse, it doesn't negate the fact of what an abortion accomplishes.
Considering that the "entertainment" industry has been pivotal in promoting the acceptance of Marxist propaganda, I think it'll probably survive. It will be needed to keep the masses anesthetized.
Obama also got a big assist from crossover primary voters, who voted for him figuring that anybody would be preferable to Hillary. Umm...wrong.
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Fact-Free Liberals: Part IV

codgerelle Wrote: Jan 24, 2014 8:46 AM
Which is what they count on. The prevailing view seems to be that laws apply only to the law-abiding; all others may do as they please. People without moral standards can't be held to them.
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