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Brian Ross won't even receive a slap on the wrist by ABC most likely. ABC is one of the worst offenders of responsible journalism in my opinion. ABC is undeniably in the tank for Obama and the liberal mindset that consumes ABC is likely the main reason Brian Ross flipped his lid and made the outrageous and false allegation against the Tea Party. Brian Ross should be fired ASAP! But don't count on it. Just like ABC's cousin the equally incendiary MSNBC, little if anything will likely be done concerning this act of journalistic malfeasance. ABC's tepid apology is their sore excuse for overlooking Ross's abhorrent behavior. FIRE HIM!!!
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"Obama's Damned-Nation"

codenametimna Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 2:56 PM
Barack Obama came out of nowhere, had a shady past, and steadily climbed the ladder of politics to become president of the United States without being properly vetted by the mainstream media. The fact that the Tea Party and conservatives called attention to those aberrations and tried to find out who Barack Obama really is, should be commended by the Republican establishment, not ridiculed or demeaned for doing the job the mainstream media and the Republican establishment wouldn't do. We now have a socialist demagogue running the country who has basically destroyed the economy and bankrupted the country as we speak. Kevin McCullough has stated what conservatives have known all along. Barack Obama is bad for America.
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