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Who Really Cares About the Poor?

COCitizen Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 12:26 AM
I believe your basic premise but I disagree strongly with your 2 main obstacles to success. I believe the 1st obstacle is bad parenting. When a child doesn't even know the ABC's or how to write his first name when he enters kindergarten I wonder, what has a parent been doing for the first five years of their child's life? I understand there are those who are developmentally challenged but I also see parents who never read their child a bedtime story or know how to turn the TV off. Its their job to teach values that the schools spend time on when they should be focusing on the 3 R's. There are schools that excel. Use a tried and true curriculum and we'll see results like we used to have.
Patrice3 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 9:01 AM
COCitizen- the is a direct correlation between government "safety nets" and the breakdown of families. Before we had welfare, abortion on demand, day care in public schools, etc. - most women made decisions based on risk/reward.
Once the Democrat party disconnected actions from their consequences, the country moved away from successful traditional values to the Snooky mentality which is pervasive now.

Capitalism favors the rich. Socialism helps the poor. These are core beliefs of almost everybody on the left, including our president. Ah, but it turns out that this worldview is completely wrong.

Economists associated with the Fraser Institute and the Cato Institute have actually found a way to measure "economic freedom" and investigate what difference it makes in 141 countries around the world. This work has been in progress for several decades now and the evidence is stark. Economies that rely on private property, free markets and free trade, and avoid high taxes, regulation and inflation, grow more rapidly than...