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Obama Re-elected -- 9-Year-Old Black Kid Can Breathe Easy

coachpanto Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 7:56 PM
"Are blacks, who consistently score higher than whites on self-esteem tests, racist against themselves?" Obviously not. The right question is, "Are a majority of blacks (and white liberals) using racial demagogery, based on no facts, to smear white politicians with the accusation of being a hater of blacks, who would push legislation to remove freedom, and perhaps re-enslave, from black Americans?" Obviously yes. So what should be the response? This is harsh, but the response to an unfounded accusation of being a hater should be the same response to an unfounded accusation of being a pedophile, or of you wife being a wh*re: total ostracision of the speaker, leaving the forum in which it was said, or a challenge to hand to hand combat.
Brandon, a 9-year-old black kid, attended a campaign rally hosted by Michelle Obama. A cameraman interviewed Brandon, who was there with his dad. "Why does (Obama) need to win?" he was asked. "Because if Mitt Romney wins," he replied, "we'll be going back to the crop fields. We'll be picking crops." Off-screen, his father could be heard laughing.

From whom does a 9-year-old hear that Obama's opponent is a racist who, to quote the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, wants "to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws"?

Brandon's father might alert his son to a recent column...