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Four More Years of Decline

coachpanto Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 8:11 PM
Cal, we are in a war now. Democracy and Capitalism games are over. They are irreparably corrupted. The Hunger games are on. We now must fight them on moral terms. They use lies, deception, coercion, and destruction, but we can expose these tactics, and then ostracize them. Here are the Coach Panto Rules for Reactionaries: 1. If your friends or even family are statists, disassociate with them. 2. If you have hiring authority, hire traders, fire statists. 3. If you have statist colleaugues, customers, or suppliers, minimize association with them. 4. If a statist calls you a hater, boycott or fistfight them. People of merit need to punish people of patronage and parasitism. This is how we de-select them from offices of power.
"Are blacks, who consistently score higher than whites on self-esteem tests, racist against themselves?" Obviously not. The right question is, "Are a majority of blacks (and white liberals) using racial demagogery, based on no facts, to smear white politicians with the accusation of being a hater of blacks, who would push legislation to remove freedom, and perhaps re-enslave, from black Americans?" Obviously yes. So what should be the response? This is harsh, but the response to an unfounded accusation of being a hater should be the same response to an unfounded accusation of being a pedophile, or of you wife being a wh*re: total ostracision of the speaker, leaving the forum in which it was said, or a challenge to hand to hand combat.
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Video: How Liberals Argue

coachpanto Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 8:00 PM
It's true that "dumb" libs aren't able to argue on point because they were not raised in a rational household. But my theory on why the "smart" libs do not argue on point is 1. They don't want to solve fiscal issues. They have learned that that can get much quicker backdoor fascism if they can entice the banks into a bubble with govt policy, the govt will essentially nationalize the (biggest) banks, and a few big corporations. That's what happened in 2008. 2. They don't want to solve the "healthcare crisis". They wanted to use the fear of death and the desire for free care to entice people into Obamacare, which was nothing but a trojan horse to destroy the private insurance industry. It's about shortcutting to fascism.
OK, PROVE the racism of the Republican leadership. List me the top 10 racist things Boehner, McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, John McCain ever said. Or pick 10 other relevant leaders from the last 20 years of Republican leadership. If you can't find anything, then you sir, are a paranoid tin-foil hat crank who needs medication. No better than UFO freaks, 9-11 Truthers, or people who believe the pen*s-enlargement pills work. It's ok, come off the ledge. Nobody's gonna hurt you. The big bad racists went away. You're safe now. Come back inside, please. Everything's gonna be ok.
Do you read the news Lois? Pelosi yesterday, Reid today. Scurrilous racism charges, unfounded, paranoid, demagogic, and immoral. Your party is losing it. Seriously, many of you have bought into the paranoid crap they teach you on MSNBC and in you collectivist mosques you call universities. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dems walking into Wall Street offices and exploding suicide vests if Obama loses this November. Come out of your radical egalitarian bubble and get some fresh air, before you become a dead-ender. If you start calling capitalists infidels, you're probably beyond hope.
They will use the race card as long as it works. The best way to deal with it is to treat it like an accusation of child molestation. 1. If a lib calls your group racist (whites, Republicans, Tea Party, etc), call the lib crazy. Tell him such a charge is so obviously false and unprovable that it's asinine, hysterical, and to believe that he's either a radical zealot or certifiably paranoid and need psychiatric help. 2. If a lib calls YOU racist, say show the proof. If he says it's because he disgrees with you on non-racial issue X, say racism is not only irrelvant and irrational, it's a vicious slander and then either call him crazy, sue him for slander and harassment, or call him out to mutual combat ..or all 3! It's a fighting issue!
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