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That's why none of my handguns and long guns are not registered. I will use them to save my or my family's life or during civil unrest/martial law and I'll deal with the repercussions then...gladly.
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50% Tax Rates Are Here

Coach Al Wrote: Jan 26, 2014 8:34 PM
This is why people don't declare all their income and cheat on their taxes. Who in the hell believes the government is entitled to HALF of what ANYONE earns? I'm sorry if your poor but it is likely due to YOUR life choices, not mine.
My guns are not registered so be my guest.
The Democrats can make such a ridiculous assertion because that's what they would have done. Liberals don't require facts to make assertions.
Kill em all, let God sort em out.
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Jedi Mind Trick Nation

Coach Al Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 11:00 AM
Most Americans are ignorant. Many are stupid. Very few vote with knowledge of the issues. Most only hear sound bytes by the MSM which has become a prostitute for the left.
You are the typical liberal who simply 'parrots' what others blurt out. Not an original thought in your head. Try making an insightful, substantive comment. Try thinking for yourself once in a while although that would lead you to become a conservative. Liberals don't encourage free thinking. You must be a college grad!
Well stated. The economy, jobs, marriage, health care all won't mean anything if we are not vigilant in the CONTINUING AND NEVER ENDING "War On Terror", specifically the Islamic threat. They're mission is to TOP the 9/11 attack.
As a Desert Shield/Storm Veteran, I do not wish war upon ANYONE. That said, plans exist for a myriad of 'scenarios' all over the world. "Plans" don't indicate anything immanent. I pray if/when the decision to strike is made, we have the resolve to do it right AND stay the course in the face of the consequences and inevitable retaliation. I KNOW other Middle Eastern nations SECRETLY hope we and/or Israel (likely both, possibly along with our long time ally, the UK) prevent or even just delay Iran's capability to produce a nuclear weapon that initially will only be deliverable in that region of the world. So bet your bottom dollar "The Arab Spring" nations don't want Iran going nuclear! God help & guide us.
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