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No, most women who choose abortion really have no choice. They are forced into by the father or parents who don't want to deal with an out of wedlock pregnancy. Then they go to the abortion clinic and they get no support there to keep the child. This woman had everything a woman in a troubled pregnancy situation needs,a God loving and fearing family that convinced her of her own worth and the worth of the child in her womb. Either adoption or the choice to raise the child with her family's help were a win-win situation.
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Air Force Kicks Baby Jesus off Base

cmPA Wrote: Dec 10, 2013 2:07 PM
The "Newborn King"? We have no king but Obama. The treatment of Christians by the Obama Administration and the treatment of Jews and then Christians by the Romans is eerily similar.
I must be a really bad person. I not only sent my kids to Catholic school, but I home schooled my one son for six years because I refused to drug my kid so that he could sit still in public school while they "taught" him things he knew a year before they were teaching it. If they really want kids to succeed, they need to give parents real choices, not force them to send their kids to failing schools. Parents also need to take seriously their role as their child's first teacher.
"It is a poverty that a child should die so that you may live as you wish. Mother Teresa
They went mostly after boys who had already sexually developed.
The only sex offenders they make a big deal about are the relatively few Catholic priests (never more than about 2 to 5%) that are sex offenders. Even there they don't seem to able to recognize the obvious, that most of these priests were homosexuals acting out on post pubescent boys, not true pedophiles. Can't upset the base.
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