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5 Reasons Not To Bomb Syria

cmoses Wrote: Sep 03, 2013 2:42 PM
Yep! People in this country have become ignorant of 'Murica!
We are a country of "CONSUMERS" required to participate in this system that rewards the ultra weathy, or else our economy collapses. If we participate, we stay on the treadmill of debt! It is that simple. Understanding the FIAT currency system we are in makes it easy to understand the peril we are now in. Money backed by nothing, printed with debt attached and no way to ever get out of debt is the biggest ponzi scheme ever invented. We have been trained to accept it as the ONLY solution, and we have become a lazy nation of excess and wasteful consumption. Every war we have been in since the Federal Reserve was installed has been a war of profit and resources... NOT FREEDOM!
I will never understand the alternative universe Rachel and UBER conservatives live in! You have been BRAINWASHED to believe that it is poor people and RADICAL liberals that is tanking this country, and the economy. Fortunately for Rachel, her base is not the kind that do their own research, or they would hopefuly never listen to her drivel. If you want to know what is TRULY wrong with this country, using the words "Liberal", "Conservative", Republican", "Democrat" is not even in the discussion. The problem in this country is who really runs this country! The CORPORATIONS... We were hijacked 100 years ago...The Federal Reserve, the Bankers and the Corporations with the brainchild of Edward Bernays' "Public Relations" revelation.
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