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Menu Labeling: Another Job-Killing Regulation in ObamaCare

C'mon Man Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 7:48 PM
Eliminate the special tax-exempt status granted to environmental groups, since they are not nonpartisan charitable foundations. Eliminate special statutory authority granting environmental groups standing to bring lawsuits on behalf of the public, since their main purpose is to pursue the Statist's agenda through litigation. Fight all efforts to use environmental regulations to set governmental industrial policies and diminish the nation's standard of living, such as "cap-and-trade" to regulate "man-made climate change."

Problems in society are rarely solved by Washington bureaucrats yet they seem to have taken the adage, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’ to heart. Accordingly, the government is addressing the nation’s growing obesity epidemic with a regulation: Section 4205, the menu labeling provision attached to ObamaCare meant to “aid consumers in selecting more healthful diets.” As currently written, however, the regulation will likely have job-killing effects and result in little, if any, significant reductions in obesity rates and/or improved health.

The provision requires chain restaurants with 20 or more locations, including franchises and perhaps some grocery...