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Report: Obama Was Briefed on Benghazi Terrorism Connection Days Before Susan Rice's Public Denials

C'mon Man Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 7:19 PM
you want to forget 200 years, for some reason....the fact of the matter IS that the Liberal Progressives are still the party of the four "S"s: slavery, secession, segregation and socialism How do you like your NEW Plantation? A more appropriate question IS what has the Liberal Progressive Marxist on civil rights legislation, answer ZERO, nada, nothing In fact the Black Caucus would rather do away with MLK's DAY Hussein Obama is an enigmatic Figure, a puzzle to his supporters....some of his adversaries had him pegged from the very beginning, others wanted to give him a chance (me for one) but it didn't take long before his true colors came out....
Mike1206 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 7:44 PM
You answer why you want to forget 200 years of history first #ackass!!
C'mon Man Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 7:19 PM
example MLK had a Dream of a color-blind society which guided him...when was the last time you heard Obama talk about such a thing?

Just last week, the president adamantly defended his Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, who is widely rumored to be a leading contender to replace Hillary Clinton at State.  Rice appeared on all five Sunday morning shows on September 16, five days after the deadly 9/11 attacks.  She advanced three core assertions for public consumption:

(1) The the violence had spilled over from "spontaneous" protests over an internet video.  (There were no protests outside of the Benghazi consulate leading up to the...