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Exclusive: Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure as Beltway Gets Close to Deal on Immigration Reform

cmiller442 Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 4:57 PM
In point of fact, the only ones who think they are "nearing a deal" are the Gang of Eight. Most Senators DO NOT KNOW the "metrics" of the so-called deal, and most Senators want more input and more public debate on the subject before they even call it a "deal"... As it stands, the "deal" goes like this: 1.) Grant "probational legal status" for all illegal aliens FIRST, allowing them to work and travel freely within the USA. 2.) Only AFTER probational legal status is granted, Congress will move on securing the border. The "metrics" of HOW we secure the border have not been revealed, as these details are only known to the Gang of Eight. 3.) Full amnesty and citizenship will then be granted to all illegal aliens AFTER the border is secure.
sopfi Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 5:18 PM
Yep, like the cut spending will be done AFTER the TAX raise! Democrooks had done it so many times even to Republican presidents ...Reagan had the most regrets for being played by them too.....
Incidentally why wouldn't an interviewer ask Shmacko Schumer WHAT ARE metrics, or is it same principle as we have to pass Healthcare reform to see what is in it????
And WHY those METRICS aren't implemented already! Why Mexican Drug Cartel are coming into the country and killing the judges and prosecutors here in our country ????
cmiller442 Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 5:03 PM
Now, this is coming from a handful of members of a Congress that has NEVER been able to secure our borders. This is coming from a handful of members of a Congress that claimed there was NO WAY to determine how many illegal aliens were in the USA or where to FIND them. This is coming from a handful of members of a Congress that, in the majority, have NO IDEA of what the Gang of Eight are talking about behind closed doors. The Gang of Eight have NOT disclosed exactly HOW they intend to make this all work when it's never worked before.
sopfi Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 5:20 PM
Looks like the adapted the new way of negotiations - everything g is done in secret by selective group of people in Healthcare reform when ALL republicans were EXCLUDED from any discussions???Is that how they subvert the Constitution and get away with it!!!

As the immigration reform Gang of Eight inside the Beltway prepares to announce a deal later this week, claiming border security will come before a path to citizenship for millions of illegals, Border Patrol agents have seen illegal border crossings double and warn the cutting of agent work hours will only result in less border security, not more.

"We've seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talk started happening," an agent told Townhall, who asked to remain unnamed due to fears of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. "A lot...